How to get data from Twitter

Update date: 2018/12/28
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SocialDog uses Twitter's app integration mechanism (API) to create

We periodically collect user information from Twitter.

Frequency of data acquisition

The Lite plan captures and stores the followings/followers' data about once a day, while the paid plan captures and stores the data every few hours.

Graph of the dashboard

It is updated once a day starting at around 9:00am Japan time.

The time at which the information is updated differs for each user, but the information is updated once a day.

SocialDog is updated the day after you sign up for SocialDog.

If you follow someone else, will they be recorded in your follow history?

Followers who follow you outside of SocialDog are also recorded.

If you unfollowed or unfollowed someone immediately after following, or if you followed or unfollowed someone while the data was being collected, it is not recorded in the Follow history.

points to note

  • If you do not log in to SocialDog for an extended period of time, your data may stop being retrieved.
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