Analyze your followers' data (Legacy).

Update date: 2021/08/24
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On the Follower analytics screen, you can see the following information about your followers

  • Public / Private
  • tweet
  • follower
  • follow
  • Which I followed up from.
  • Nice.
  • list
  • Year of Twitter account creation
  • Age (beta)
  • Bots / Humans (beta)
  • Adult / Normal (beta)
  • Advertising and promotion / Normal (beta)
  • Distribution of last tweet date
  • Distribution of the month in which the follow-up started
  • Location (beta)

View follower data with follower analysis

  1. Click Dashboard.
  2. Click Follower analytics (Legacy).
  3. You can see the data in graphs

points to note

  • Some items in the Follower analytics (Legacy) section are beta versions and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.
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