"No data." is displayed.

Update date: 2021/08/20
This article has not yet been translated in the language shown. It is displayed in machine translation, but it may be incorrect.

If the message "No data." is displayed, there is no data to analyze.

This message is displayed when the data is not retrieved correctly, or when the registered account does not perform the action to be analyzed.

Get data from Twiiter

If you are not getting the latest data from Twitter, it may be displayed by getting the latest data.

Get data from Twitter

Change the display period for analysis

If you have specified a period for which there is no data for analysis, it may be displayed by specifying a period for which there is data.

The analysis period can be changed from the date in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: If a Lite plan user does not log in to SocialDog for a long period of time, data retrieval may stop.

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