Why are there restrictions on following and unfollowing

Update date: 2019/04/25
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If you follow or unfollow a large number of users in a short period of time, you may be temporarily unable to follow or unfollow them.

In this case, the following error message is displayed

You have reached the limit for following/unfollowing

Note that following and unfollowing will have different limits. You may be able to unfollow someone even if the follow has resulted in an error.

Why are you restricted?

This limitation is caused by the following reasons

Reason 1: You have reached the maximum number of Twitter followers (5000).

Twitter has a limit on the number of people who can follow you.

Less than 4,546 followers: up to 5,000 If you have 4,546 or more followers: followers * up to 1.1

For example, an account with 4,800 followers would be allowed to follow up to 4,800 * 1.1 = 5,280.

If you are subject to this restriction, you will need to unfollow an existing following or increase your number of followers.

Reason 2: For SocialDog restrictions

To ensure that your account complies with the Twitter rules and to prevent your account from being frozen or locked, SocialDog will temporarily block any follow or unfollow action if it detects a large number of people following or unfollowing you in a short period of time.

We do not disclose the specific criteria by which this restriction is enforced, but you may be subject to the restriction if you exceed the following timing (i.e., a person's name in the form of "\") Even if the FF ratio is less than 1, and even if the ratio is less than these standards, it may be subject to regulation.

  • Followers who have followed more than 5% of your followers in the past hour
  • If the number of times you have followed someone in the last 24 hours exceeds 10% of their number of followers
  • You have followed more than 15% of your followers in the last 72 hours.
  • If the number of times you unfollowed or unfollowed within the last hour exceeds 15% of your followers.
  • If the number of times you unfollowed or unfollowed someone in the past 72 hours exceeds 25% of your followers
  • In the event that Twitter has frozen or locked your account in the past
  • When the number of tweets is less than the number of followers

If you have an error for this reason, please wait until the limit is lifted, as it will be automatically lifted after a maximum of 72 hours.

Starting around January 2019, Twitter is stepping up its measures against accounts that follow a large number of people in a short period of time and the apps they use to follow them. Because of this, SocialDog is also tightening its standards to ensure that your account complies with the Twitter rules.

Reason #3: When restricted by Twitter

External tools that work with Twitter, such as SocialDog, use an API to communicate with Twitter. Following, unfollowing, tweets, and user information are all done via the API.

The communication via the API contains information about the app from which the communication comes. So, for example, when you use SocialDog, Twitter knows that you used SocialDog to perform the operation.

Twitter may regulate following and unfollowing via its API. If a particular account does a lot of following and unfollowing via its API, if it is deemed to be spamming, the Twitter account or the application may be prevented from following.

Errors for this reason usually take a few hours to resolve.

When will it be resolved?

This usually resolves itself in a few hours to 72 hours, so please do not follow or unfollow us until then. There may be some unfollowed accounts that have not been followed.

You can still "like", "retweet", "tweet" and "mute" other than following during the restriction.

How can I not be restricted?

Keep the following points in mind when operating the system to reduce the likelihood of the restriction occurring

  • Do not follow or unfollow a large number of people in a short period of time Try to follow a maximum of about 10% of your followers per day, and if the number is high, divide it up several times a day. \centric This is especially likely to occur if you have a low follower count (less than 500) and an FF ratio (number of followers divided by number of followers) of less than 0.8.
  • Not unfollowing an account immediately after following it is not a good idea. Do not unfollow accounts that you follow within a few days, as this would be a prohibited activity as "follow churn.
  • Prevent blocking and spam reports from taking place. If you tweet inappropriate content, repeat the same content, or tweet something that is deemed to be of no value to your followers and is blocked or reported as spam, you are more likely to get an error.

For more information on how to prevent restrictions, please click here.

Why can I follow you on Twitter officially but not on SocialDog?

SocialDog uses an API to communicate with Twitter, and if you follow a large number of people, the API may be regulated on a service-by-service basis.

In this case, you may not be able to follow us on SocialDog, but you may be able to follow us on the official Twitter app or official website.

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