Keywords in the keyword monitor are not retrieved

Update date: 2020/12/02
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If you do not get the keywords in the keyword monitor, the number of tweets containing the keywords in the last 24 hours may have exceeded the plan limit. If the limit is exceeded, the tweets will stop being retrieved temporarily.

Please refer to the following table for the maximum number of tweets per plan.

Plans limit of tweets per plan
Lite Plan 30
Lite+ Plan 500
Pro Plan 5,000
Business Plan 5,0000

For more information, see plan.

To resume fetching tweets

To resume fetching tweets, upgrade your plan or change your search criteria to get fewer results.

For more information about search criteria, see Learn about operators you can use for keywords.

Points:The keyword monitor will prioritize the tweets that contain the keywords shown above. You can change the priority of the tweets by sorting them in order of priority.

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