I want to tweet at a certain time and day every week (Posting times).

Update date: 2018/12/28
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If you want to tweet at a certain time every week, you can use the Posting times feature.

The first step in the process is to set up the reservation Posting times.

You can set up the reservation slots by day and time.

For example, you can tweet "Monday at 12pm" and "Thursday at 6pm".

Next, you can add to queue.


  • The tweets you add to the Posting times will be automatically tweeted from the top at the time of the reservation window.
  • When you add a tweet to the Posting times, you can start from the top of the list and it will be posted in the order you want.
  • You can drag and drop tweets into your Posting times in order to reorder them.
  • You can set the reservation date up to one year later.

The reservation frame was called "Tweets Schedule" and "Tweets queue" until October 2019, but the function name has been changed to "Posting times".

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