Reserve a Tweet from your calendar

Update date: 2020/01/09

You can change the Schedule tweets screen to a calendar view.

Change to calendar view.

  1. Click Tweets.
  2. Click Scheduled tweets.
  3. Click the symbol in the upper right corner of the list of scheduled posts.
  4. calendar view was changed to calendar view.
  5. To make the list view available, click on this symbol.

Tweet from your calendar

  1. Click Tweets.
  2. Click Schedule tweets.
  3. You can tweet at any time by clicking the blank space in the calendar, and you can tweet at that time. You can also tweet at a specific time by clicking the blank in the calendar.
  4. If you have set up a reservation frame, the reservation frame is displayed for that time period.
  5. You can add tweets to the reservation slots by clicking on the reservation slots.

You can also check your tweet history and reserved tweets on an external calendar. See here for details.

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