How can I view my tweet history and reserved posts on an external calendar (export calendar)?

Update date: 2019/07/29

You can view your Twitter account's tweet history and reserved posts in your calendar app.

What is iCalendar?

The format of the file to share calendar events. The file name or URL may have a ".ics`" in it.

supported apps

To check your tweet history and reserved posts on an external calendar (export calendar)

  1. Click Gear Icon on the left menu.
  2. Click Export calendar.
  3. Click Generate a URL to register to an app (iCalendar). (If this button is not displayed, go to step 4)
  4. Copy the displayed URL.
  5. enter the URL that you copied in the calendar application you are using. For details, see the help of each app.


  • This URL allows you to check your past posting history and reservation posts. Please be careful with it. If the URL has been omitted, please click the Invalidate URL button to disable it.
  • You can only use this function for reference only. You cannot add, edit, or delete any appointments.
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