About the Keyword Monitor

Update date: 2018/12/28
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The keyword monitor is a function to collect tweets including pre-set keywords automatically.

You can collect reviews of users who might be interested in your account and your products.

You can easily like, retweet and reply to the collected tweets.

  • Set up your company's product, product name and store name as keywords
  • Follow users who tweeted about their products, products or stores
  • Like, Retweet and Reply to Tweets that include your product, product name and store name

You can like, retweet and reply to tweets that contain the keywords you have collected.

You can also receive email notifications when keywords are tweeted. You can set this in the Notification settings.

The key to adding keywords

Narrowing down your keywords as much as possible will make it easier for you to see tweets that interest you.

You must set up your product, product name, store name, etc. rather than a generic noun.

tweeting interval

For the Lite plan, the data is collected once a day.

For the Lite+ plan, the data is collected once an hour.

A Pro plan will collect once every five minutes, and a Business plan will collect once every five minutes.

For the Business plan, the data is collected once every five minutes.

You can also get your tweets immediately by updating your data.

Number of tweets to be collected

The Lite Plan gets up to 30 tweets per day.

The Lite+ plan will get up to 500 tweets per day.

The Pro Plan gets up to 5,000 tweets per day.

The Business plan gets up to 50,000 tweets per day.

If you would like to collect more than this, please contact us using the site's chat form.

Can I get all tweets containing keywords?

The keyword monitor uses the Twitter Rest API to get the tweets, but We may not be able to get all tweets.

You may not be able to retrieve tweets if there are a large number of tweets in a short period of time, such as thousands of tweets in one minute. Also, you cannot retrieve tweets from private accounts.

Retention period

The data collected by Keyword Monitor is retained for 2-3 months and is deleted periodically.

If you want to save your tweets, you can download them in CSV format.

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