Smart and Efficient Twitter Account Management Tool
Get Followers Efficiently|
Strongly supports Twitter with follower management, analysis, tweet scheduling, and automated DM feature

Great boon
for Twitter account management

Create your own Dashboard just by linking to your Twitter account. Helpful features for the busy marketing manager, including analytics of followers and tweets and automated sending of DM. For efficient marketing, start now!

To increase the engagement rate

Manage the Twitter account to maintain high engagement with the feature notifying you about replies, tweets, and other engagement.

Create a vibrant
Twitter account

Keep track of any increase or decrease of your followers and maintain communication with them to make your Twitter account very active. Prevent followers from dropping out and increase your TFF ratio.

Register keywords to catch
latent followers.

Register keywords like your service name, brand name, and URL to reach latent target segments. You can thereby efficiently approach users who may have an interest in your Twitter account.

Smooth daily management of social media

With automated DM sending and scheduled tweeting, make efficient use of time. Also, manage multiple accounts and teams with SocialDog. Such automated tools will help the busy marketing manager.


Three of peace of mind