About the dashboard screen

Update date: 2020/02/17
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This section explains how to view the SocialDog dashboard screen.

1. Twitter account in action

Your Twitter account username and icon will be displayed.

2. switching Twitter accounts

Click to switch the Twitter account you want to operate on.

SocialDog allows you to link multiple Twitter accounts.

3. tweet button

You can tweet or schedule a post right now by opening your schedule of posts.

Detailed instructions

4. update button

Get the latest data from Twitter. This process can take up to several tens of minutes.

Detailed instructions

5. the settings menu

You can set up your Twitter account.

6. top right menu

You can set up your SocialDog account, including changing your plan.

Tweets that have recently been liked and retweeted a lot. You can check it.

Detailed instructions

9. chat support activation

You will be connected to our chat support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

10. follower timeline

Scroll down the dashboard screen to see the follower timeline.

You can see the Followed/Unfollowed indicator here.

11. announcements from SocialDog

Scroll down further to see announcements from SocialDog.

12. your inbox.

You can also check your inbox from this screen.

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