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I don't want to unfollow a user by mistake (protection).

Update date: 2018/12/28
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When you Protect a user, you can prevent them from accidentally unfollowing you on SocialDog.

The Unfollow button in SocialDog will be disabled for the user who has been protected.

Due to the nature of the function, you can only Protect users who are following you. You cannot protect users who are not following you.

This feature used to be called Whitelist, but it has been changed to Keep list since Aug. 13, 2018. No changes have been made to the Whitelist and its function.

Protecting the user

  1. If you do not want to use this function, click the Keep list button.
  2. Click the "Keep list" button for the user you want to protect.

Unprotect the user.

  1. Go to Followers > Keep list.
  2. Click the Remove from keep list button of the user you want to unprotect.