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about "users that retweeted (beta)"

Update date: 2019/07/30
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On the Users that retweeted (beta) page, you can see a list of users who have retweeted your tweets.

About available plans

Users that retweeted (beta) is a feature available in the Pro and Business plans.

You can get the retweets to the tweets made after you changed to Pro plan or Business plan.

Please note that you can't retrieve tweets that were sent while you were using the Lite plan or Lite+ plan before the plan change.

In some cases, you can see the retweets from before the plan change, but in most cases, you can't see the retweets from more than 100 years ago.

See here for plans.

points to note

Please note that Retweeted me is currently a beta version and we may not be able to get all users. Please be aware that it may not be possible to get all users.

Please note that this function cannot extract retweets with comments.

Show the users who have retweeted

  1. Click Followers.
  2. Click Users that retweeted (beta).
  3. You can see the users who have retweeted your posts.

Show users who have retweeted the relevant tweet

  1. Click Tweets.
  2. Click on Tweet history.
  3. You can see the users who retweeted your tweets.
  4. Click on the numbers in the RT column.

Download the CSV file of the user who retweeted you

  1. Follow the steps in "Show the users who have retweeted" to display the Users that retweeted (beta) screen.
  2. Click "..." and click CSV Download.

How does the system work for acquiring retweet users?

We use an API provided by Twitter to retrieve retweets from users who have retweeted your tweets.

The system only allows for the last 100 retweets per tweet. SocialDog periodically collects retweets from this API.

If you are retweeting more than 100 tweets per hour during the period of time, there is a possibility that we may not be able to retrieve the data.

Users who can't appear in the "retweeted" section

The following users may not appear in the Retweeted or Tweet history sections

  • Retweets from a private account
  • Retweeting a tweet from before the plan change
  • Retweets that generate a large number of retweets in a short period of time (approximately 100 or more per hour)
  • Retweeting of advertising tweets