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The Best Instagram Analytics Apps to Track Business Growth

Instagram marketingPosted on:2024/3/1 Update date :2024/4/18

From being a social networking site to a powerful tool for businesses to reach their ideal audience, Instagram has evolved over the years. Today 72% of users rely on Instagram for their buying decisions.

To get the most out of Instagram you need to know how your audience engages with your content. Such data will help you boost sales and turn their social following into engaged customers. This is where the Instagram analytics apps come into the picture.

They let you closely monitor your audience and pivot your marketing strategies to enhance your brand’s performance.

There are plenty of third-party applications to understand what’s working and what’s not for your Instagram marketing. Choosing the right Instagram analytics app is crucial to achieve your unique business goals.

Here are some of the best Instagram analytics apps worth trying.

What are Instagram Analytics Apps?

Instagram analytics apps tell you how your content performs by tracking the key performance indicators of your account. These apps analyze your profile and content, offering valuable insights to improve your strategies and reach your target audience.

Instagram analytics applications offer multiple benefits. They track your audience’s behavior and patterns, analyze new followers, impressions on your posts or stories, engagement, conversion rate, etc.

You can access in-depth demographics of your audience, such as age, gender, location, and interests. Leveraging these data-driven insights will help you create a stellar marketing strategy to outperform your competitors.

Are Instagram Analytics Free?

Basic Instagram analytics are available for free for all professional accounts. If you don’t have a professional account, you can change it from “Edit Account,” then click on “Account Privacy”, and finally uncheck the “Private Account.”
After that, you can select “Switch to professional account”, then go to your profile and tap on the professional dashboard. This is where you get insights like engagement, reach, followers, and the content you shared.

Some third-party applications also offer advanced insights for free, which you’ll find in the article below.

Can You Track Instagram Followers for Free?

With a business account, you can track your followers for free using Instagram Insights on your mobile app.

The Difference Between Paid and Free Apps for Instagram Analytics

Free analytics apps can help you monitor basic Instagram metrics that work well for beginners. They’re easy to use but mostly ad-supported which might be a little distracting.

Paid apps offer in-depth analysis, better support, custom reports, and profile optimization to improve your Instagram strategy. If you’re serious about growing your business on Instagram, investing in a paid Instagram analytics app makes sense.

The Best Free Instagram Analytics Apps

If you’re just getting started, here are the best Instagram tracking apps that offer in-depth insights for free.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the free native analytics tool that Instagram offers for business accounts. You’ll get insights on your content performance and trends on the platform. You can use it on your mobile app to analyze your profile, individual posts, and stories. These are also available through Meta Business Suite on desktop.

Its key features offer access to:

  • Summary of audience’s demographics and when they use Instagram
  • Follower count and impressions on your content
  • Profile views and reach
  • Data about paid promotions, if any.

You can get a good overview of how your account is growing and where you need to make changes with this free Instagram analytics app.

Iconosquare’s Instagram Audit

To better manage your social media and get your content analytics, Iconosquare’s Instagram audit is one of the best solutions.
It assesses your entire profile to highlight what’s working for you and what’s not. You’ll also get suggestions for better profile optimization and performance.

Some of its advanced features are:

  • Scheduling new posts in advance
  • Tracking hashtags, competitor’s activity, and user behavior
  • Monitoring engagement, post reach, impressions, and performance of Instagram stories
  • Providing data on what users say about your brand.

It allows you to analyze successful strategies and areas of improvement to stay competitive in the market.


Crowdfire has a free analytics app for Instagram that presents insights through easy-to-understand charts. It provides you access to advanced metrics to understand how your profile is growing over a longer duration:
  • Allows you to schedule posts, track performance and mentions
  • Recommending relevant information from various sources around the internet to help you curate your content
  • Expands your brand visibility

While getting information from other sources, you can plan future content strategy with Crowdfire.

The Best Paid Instagram Analytics Apps

Here are some of the most popular premium Instagram analytics apps to track your brand growth on social media:


SocialDog is a powerful app to manage your Instagram account. With features like advanced post-scheduling, analytics, and account management, it takes care of all your marketing needs in one place.

SocialDog has 5 plans available, starting at $9/month with advanced features like:

  • Get notifications for your follow-backs and unfollows
  • Choose the period of analytics that you want to be displayed from the dashboard
  • Schedule posts in bulk and save time
  • Preview posts for computer and mobile devices
  • Allow multiple users to manage the same profile and boost team collaborations.

Register for free to see if SocialDog is the right Instagram analytics app for you.


Iconosquare is a powerful tool for social media management and tracking Instagram analytics with 100+ metrics. It offers 2 paid plans, one for individual accounts and the other for a team of up to 10 users. You can also opt for its 2-week free trial period.

The unique features of Iconosquare are:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Tracking competitors and hashtags
  • Tracking user engagement, campaign success, paid vs organic results
  • Cross-posting content across multiple social media platforms.

Marketers on Instagram can compare themselves against competitors and how users engage with their content using Iconosquare.


Hootsuite is an advanced Instagram analytics app where you can create a customized dashboard.

Its features make it a suitable tracking app for teams:

  • Automate cross-posting across various social media platforms simultaneously
  • Assign tasks and collaborate among team members on social media campaigns
  • Share metrics report with team members
  • Find out who’s posting the highest ROI content within the team

Hootsuite offers premium plans for individual business accounts and those managed by teams of up to three users. You can also opt for its 30-day free trial.

Conclusion:Track Instagram Analytics With a Powerful All-in-one App

Instagram analytics apps are great for improving your online marketing efforts using Instagram. You can track your content performance, engagement trends, and paid vs organic results to optimize your Instagram strategies.

SocialDog is an all-in-one app to manage your Instagram account and meet your business goals. It offers a range of reliable features that help you improve your brand image on Instagram.

Sign up for SocialDog’s 7-day trial of the Enterprise plan to try all of its features for free.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing

SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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