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Instagram Analytics: How to Check Other Accounts or Competitors?

Instagram marketingPosted on:2024/3/13 Update date :2024/4/15

In the world of Instagram business, “build it and they will come” just doesn’t work. With over 200 million businesses competing for attention, securing a top spot requires more than just content creation. Analyzing and understanding your Instagram competitors is essential for improving your marketing strategies.
Competitor analysis isn’t simply about keeping tabs. It’s about delving deep into their strengths, weaknesses, and strategic moves. The more you learn about their actions, the better you can refine your approach to propel your brand forward.
Here’s what you need to know about Instagram analytics, from viewing any account data to the best tools to analyze Instagram profiles, all with the aim of helping you better understand other accounts.

Can You Check Instagram Analytics for Other Accounts?

You can check Instagram analytics for other accounts and your competitors. While Instagram has built-in analytics tools that give you an overview of your own account, you need third-party tools to analyze other accounts.
By entering the username or URL of the Instagram account you want to track, you can gather data and insights such as demographics, engagement rates, popular content, frequency of posts, audience behavior data, follower growth, demographics, and more for your and other accounts.
Analyzing other account analytics can help you learn more about their strategies, content performance, and audience preferences, helping you stay on top of your social media game.
But remember analytics on other accounts may be restricted to a subset of data, rather than a complete report. Depending on the privacy settings, many tools require the owner’s permission to access data. So always respect privacy and follow all legal and ethical guidelines before accessing analytics data unauthorizedly.

Why You Should Check Analytics for Other Instagram Accounts

Instagram marketing is a fast-paced field where understanding analytics can make the difference between stagnation and growth. For optimizing your strategy, tracking your own metrics is essential, but looking at the analytics of others can give you some great insights. Here are 2 ways to leverage the data of others and gain a competitive edge.

Instagram Follower Analysis

Analyzing follower numbers for other Instagram accounts is an important reason to check analytics. Identifying the demographics, behaviors, and preferences of your competitor’s followers can give you useful insights into the target audience you are trying to reach.
A better understanding of their audience’s characteristics can help you refine your content strategy, tailor your messaging, and maximize your engagement efforts. You can create content that resonates and fosters stronger connections with your followers by analyzing commonalities and trends.
The analysis of follower data can also reveal opportunities for growth and expansion. By identifying unmet needs in your competitor’s audience, you can cater to those gaps and attract new followers.
Utilizing follower analysis can help guide your strategic decisions and support your marketing goals, irrespective of the niche demographic or the pain points you want to address.

Instagram Competitor Analysis

Staying on top of Instagram requires analyzing your competitors. You can gain valuable insights into patterns, strategies, and best practices by analyzing other accounts within your industry.
Benchmark your own performance to identify areas for improvement by monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, popular content, and follower growth.
By observing how your competitors engage audiences and drive engagement, you can adapt similar tactics and tailor them to suit your brand identity. You can also draw inspiration and guidance from competitor analysis to develop your content strategy.
When it comes to creating new content formats, refining your posting schedule, or optimizing hashtag strategies, competitor analytics can make you stand out from the crowd. It also allows you to keep up with emerging trends and anticipate market shifts.
Monitoring your competitors enables you to pivot quickly and capitalize on changing dynamics.

How to View Data for Any Instagram Account

Third-party tools are all you need to view data for any Instagram account. Instagram’s built-in analytics provide insight into your own account, but not into other accounts.

IG Insights

Instagram’s native analytics tool, Instagram Insights, primarily provides data on your own account. To view this data you must have a business profile. Depending on your device and platform (iOS or Android), you can find “Insights” under Settings and Privacy or within “Professional Dashboard” under your profile name.
You will find valuable insights into reach, impressions, profile visits, and follower demographics, but it does not analyze competitor activity, growth patterns, or compare your performance to others.
Other Instagram accounts can be analyzed by manually tracking publicly available data, such as follower counts, engagement on posts, and post frequency. However, this method is time-consuming and requires you to manually tabulate data to compile detailed reports, making it hard to analyze competitors.

Third-Party Analytics Tools

Third-party analytics tools offer robust features for analyzing any Instagram account, including competitors. Once you sign up with the third-party tool, enter the Instagram account you want to check to view a wide range of metrics, such as follower growth, engagement rates, popular posts, demographics, and more.
Third-party tools let you make detailed reports automatically. You can analyze data on the platform or export it to Excel, PDF, or PPTX for further analysis. By streamlining this process, you can make more effective data-based decisions.
Some apps also do sentiment analysis, hashtag performance tracking, and audience sentiment analysis. This helps you better understand their strategies and audience preferences.

What You Can Learn from Instagram Profile Analyzers

Instagram profile analyzers offer a peek behind the scenes of Instagram accounts. Utilizing these tools will help you gain a better understanding of both your own and other profiles. Here are 8 data points you can get from Instagram profile analyzers:

Follower Demographics

The profile analyzer gives you insight into an account’s followers, including their age, gender, location, and interests. With this information, you can better target specific demographics with your products, tailor your marketing, and create content that appeals to them.

Engagement Metrics

Instagram profile analyzers show overall and per-post engagement rates by analyzing engagement metrics like likes, comments, shares, and saves.
Engaging metrics can tell you what types of content resonate most with your audience and help you optimize your strategy. You can determine which posts generate the most engagement and replicate their success, or identify areas for improvement based on lower engagement posts.

Follower Growth

Analyzers let you track follower growth over time, pinpointing trends and patterns in follower acquisition. You can see these trends through graphs and charts, providing insight into the factors driving growth or decline in your account. Making informed decisions about your content strategy, marketing campaigns, and promotional activities will help you grow.

Content Strategy Optimization

Identifying the types of content that resonate with an audience can be determined by analyzing the performance of individual posts. You can find out what content drives the most engagement with Instagram profile analyzers based on engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares.
If you notice themes, formats, or posting times that consistently get high engagement, you can start incorporating them into your content strategy.

Competitor Analysis

In addition to providing insights into your own profile, you can also compare your account’s performance with other accounts. Among these metrics are follower count, engagement rate, popular posts, and growth trends.
It helps you compare your performance to competitors, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and keep tabs on statistics and strategies.

Hashtag Effectiveness

Analyzers give you statistics on hashtag effectiveness, including reach and engagement. Based on reach, impressions, and engagement metrics, hashtag performance analysis helps you find the best hashtags for visibility and engagement.
Through hashtag analysis, you can fine-tune your hashtag strategy, experiment with new hashtags, and track their effectiveness over time.

Optimal Posting Times

Analyzers can offer insight into the best times to post based on when your audience is most active. If you schedule posts at times when your audience is most likely to be online, you can maximize engagement and reach.

Audience Sentiment

Advanced analyzers can also analyze comments and feedback to understand audience sentiment, giving them insights into their interests, behaviors, and preferences.
It includes information such as the type of content they engage with most, their most active times, and the hashtags they use the most.
Knowing your audience helps you create content that resonates with them, fosters deeper connections, and tailors your content strategy to meet their needs and interests, increasing engagement and loyalty.

3 Free Instagram Profile Analyzers

Here are 3 free Instagram profile analyzers that offer insights into others profiles:


PathSocial provides a powerful AI-powered profile analyzer for checking Instagram profiles.
The tool requires no login or app installation to access profile data. Simply type in the Instagram username and you’ll discover reliable metrics, like follower count, engagement rates, posting frequency, popular post times, and hashtag usage.
It provides clear and easy-to-understand infographics for evaluating your content strategy or checking out other public profiles in your niche. You can analyze as many public Instagram profiles as you want to get the most accurate Instagram growth strategy.


Inflact analyzes Instagram profiles using AI. It helps you generate ideas and promote your business through metrics and graphs.
Inflact analysis includes metrics such as follower count, engagement rate, posting frequency, top hashtags, audience interests, and more. You can use Inflact to search for usernames and receive results within 30 seconds. There are no limitations to how many public accounts you can analyze.
You can use the analysis results to benchmark against competitors and gain clarity on your goals. By analyzing your own account and data collected about hashtags, captions, and posting times, you can refine your profile, so you can grow your followers.


SocialStats provides Instagram analytics with a user-friendly interface. You can see detailed statistics on Instagram accounts, so you can quickly analyze their performance in real time or look at historical data.
It sends you a weekly analytics report via email so you can stay on top of things. Additionally, SocialStats lets you compare your account with other accounts and download PDF reports for in-depth analysis.
This tool lets you track engagement rates, top hashtags, mentions, and success rates, simplifying the process of gaining followers on Instagram.

Why You Still Need an Instagram Analytics App

While Instagram profile analyzers offer insights into competitor profiles, you still need a dedicated Instagram analytics app to monitor, analyze, and optimize your Instagram account. With more advanced features and in-depth reporting options, it adds extra value to your marketing strategy.
Also, they provide insight into audience demographics, engagement rates, and content performance metrics over time, so you can benchmark your performance against your competitors.

Conclusion: Leverage Profile Analyzer Data With a Powerful Instagram Tool

Instagram profile analyzers give insights into competitor Instagram accounts, but a full-featured Instagram tool like the SocialDog gives you the features you need to maximize your profile’s potential.
From intuitive scheduling posts to robust analyzing engagement statistics, it has what you need for Instagram success. Take advantage of SocialDog’s 7-day free trial of the Enterprise Plan to try all of its features and boost business success.

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