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How to Use Instagram Data Analytics For your Business

Instagram marketingPosted on:2024/3/7 Update date :2024/4/15

Do you want to get the best result from your Instagram campaign? Understanding your Instagram account performance is critical for successful campaign management. Instagram data analytics provide insights that let you know whether you are heading in the right direction. Read on to understand what you can learn from Instagram data analytics and how to use them to boost your business.

What Are Instagram Data Analytics?

Instagram data analytics refer to insights that provide an overview of the performance of your account. The analytics show how your content is doing in terms of reach, engagement rates, followers, impressions, and more.
The analytics reveal whether your content resonates with your audience, who your audience is, and other insights. With Instagram data analytics, you can measure and understand the progress of your campaign strategy in achieving its objectives.

What Instagram Analytics Can Tell You

Instagram analytics can tell you about your account’s performance and followers. They help you better understand your audience from the content they interact with and when they are most active online. You can see the impressions, likes, and other metrics. Monitoring the analytics is a key part of your Instagram campaign strategy.
Instagram analytics tell you more about:

Account Insights

Account insights provide information that helps you determine the following:

Total Followers

Instagram analytics help you learn about the number of your followers, which helps monitor your account growth and identify the areas to improve.

Follower Growth Rate

Follower growth rate shows the rate at which your account is losing or gaining followers. This helps you learn whether you are resonating with a new audience or you have stagnated. You also determine whether a certain campaign strategy is linked to the loss or growth of followers.

Profile Activity

Profile activity provides insights on how your audience interacts with your profile. It includes data on how they interact with your profile page, emails, website links and more.

Best Time to Post

Instagram analytics tell you when most of your followers are most active. This lets you schedule your posts to reach the widest audience and boost engagement.

Website Clicks

Website clicks are valuable insights showing the number of people clicking on the link to your profile and visiting your website. Tracking these clicks helps you determine the effectiveness of your call-to-action and improve your campaign strategy to drive more sales and traffic.

Post Metrics

Post metrics provide insights on:

Post Interactions

Post interactions include data about your content, including saves, likes, comments, and shares. The metrics identify the number of actions users take when they engage with a particular post. This data lets you know which type of content drives the most engagement with your audience.

Post Impressions

Post impressions are the number of times that a certain post is shown to your audience on the platform. This helps you learn your account’s reach and how well you are promoting your posts.

Post Reach

Reach indicates the number of unique users who have viewed your posts at least once. It shows your brand awareness level and the popularity of your content.
This helps you monitor the effectiveness of your content strategy and adjust it to maximize reach with your target audience.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate refers to unique users who have engaged with your content, including saves, comments, likes, and shares. However, the engagement rate is not only about the number of interactions a post gets but also the level of engagement relative to your audience size.
This helps you learn the effectiveness of your strategy and know how your target audience is engaging with your posts.

Audience Demographics

Instagram follower analytics provide audience demographics, which are crucial to help optimize your content. Audience demographics show the top locations of your audience, age range, interests, most active times, and gender.
You can learn more about your audience, know whether you are effectively reaching them, and learn how to optimize your publishing times to reach them when they are most active.

How to Use Instagram Analytics for Business

You can use Instagram analytics for business in the following ways:

Identify When Your Audience Is Most Active

Instagram analytics shows you when most of your audience is online. You can look at the patterns and publish content during this time because most of the followers will see your posts.
For example, if you note that most of the audience is active in the morning, you should post at that time to boost engagement, conversions, and sales.

Know the Content Your Followers Enjoy

In Instagram marketing, you create content for your audience because they are the ones who interact and take the desired action. To attain your goals, create content they find valuable.
Instagram analytics offer engagement reports for each post with metrics such as shares, comments, and likes that each receives. This helps you identify the content that resonates well with your audience and post more on the same for increased engagement.
For posts with few interactions, you should upgrade the quality to make them more valuable and enhance your business’s Instagram campaign.

Know Your Audience Better

Identifying your target audience is key to the success of your Instagram campaign because you create more meaningful interactions. When your followers feel that their needs are met, they stick around.
Instagram analytics provide audience demographics showing your followers’ gender, age, top locations, and more. This helps you create content tailored to their specific demographics.
For example, if you note that most of your followers are young males, create content relevant to them for more engagement and conversions.
Note that your audience can change over time based on your business. You should check analytics regularly to find out if there are changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Instagram analytics allow you to learn what your followers need and want. Understanding your target market helps you create content relevant to them to create a positive experience.
You can use the data to boost your customer experience on your account. For example, if you find out that users leave your profile after seeing a particular number of posts, then you can try to interact with them more by asking questions, responding to comments, or running giveaways to create a positive experience.
Improving customer experience encourages people to spend more time on your profile, engage more with your brand, and become long-term customers.

Track Your Progress

Instagram analytics help you track your campaign progress over time. By looking at the analytics data, you will see your account performance and what is working. You can then adjust your Instagram strategy as required. If you fail to achieve the desired results, you can try another strategy.
By monitoring the progress over time, you can fine-tune your strategy and ensure you are on the right track toward attaining your business Instagram marketing goals.

Plan your Campaign Accordingly

Planning a successful Instagram campaign requires a good understanding of growth periods, patterns, and trends. Instagram analytics help you compare growth over different periods. This enables you to perform a more detailed analysis and find out what you were doing when you had the best results.
This helps you make the needed adjustments to boost your overall Instagram strategy. With the data provided, you won’t take a gamble when making changes or updating your business since you have real metrics.

Help Remain Competitive

Instagram analytics help you to remain competitive in your industry by providing valuable data about the performance of your competitors. The analytics collect and track your competitors’ Instagram activities and give a detailed overview of Key Performance Indicators you should track.
With some third party Instagram analytics tools, such as content studio, Sprout Social, and others you can compare your competitors’ engagement rate, follower growth, post type and frequency, their top-performing posts, and track the most engaged hashtags.
With analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to refine your strategy to remain competitive in your industry.

Are Instagram Analytics Free?

Instagram data analytics are free on Instagram Insights, the native Instagram analytics tool, which requires a business or creator account. From your Instagram profile, you can access a summary page and other clickable metrics, leading to other screens with more analytics data.
Some third-party Instagram analytics tools offer free analytics, while some paid tools offer free trials for a given number of days. They allow you to use all the premium features during the trial period before you make a subscription for the paid plan that suits your Instagram analytics needs.

How to View Instagram Analytics

With the importance that Instagram analytics play in the success of your campaign, you should look for the best ways to view the analytics. You need a tool that offers more comprehensive data reports to help you understand your account performance and identify the best way to improve.
You can view Instagram analytics using the following ways:

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the native Instagram analytics tool that is available for free for all business and creator accounts. The tool provides data on your account’s impressions and reach, top posts, and when your followers are most active. You also find insights on the performance of live videos, posts, stories, and reels.
You can use Instagram Insights on:

On Mobile

To use Instagram Insights on mobile, open the Instagram app and click on your profile photo in the bottom right corner. Open the Settings menu and click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
Choose Insights from the popup menu to get to the Overview page, which is the main tab of Instagram Insights. This is where you will view all your Instagram insights.
On the Overview page, you can get information by filtering each metric. From the filters, you will see accounts reached, engaged, total followers, and date range.

To check insights on individual posts, you should click on the post that you want to view insights from your profile. At the bottom of the post, click View Insights to see your reach, how many likes, shares, comments, saves your post has received, and promotions you have paid for in the past month.

On Desktop

While you cannot see Instagram Insights through the Instagram desktop site, you can view the metrics through the Meta Business suite if you have a Facebook page connected to your Instagram account.
Start by visiting your Instagram account from your desktop browser. Tap the blue Go To Meta Business Suite button at the top of your account. You will be redirected to the business suite linked to your Instagram profile.
You will then see all insights for your account and specific posts. With Meta Business Suite, you will have a broader view of your account performance at a glance. However, the mobile app gives more comprehensive data on the performance of your account.

Third-Party Data Analytics Tools

Third-party Instagram data analytics tools provide more in-depth data reports on the performance of your Instagram account. The tools have advanced features that enable them to provide reliable data to gauge and also improve your Instagram campaign.
Unlike Instagram Insights, these tools help you perform sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, hashtag tracking, identify industry trends, and provide audience demographics to enable you to plan your campaign strategy accordingly.
Third-party tools also provide alerts and real-data monitoring capabilities. They provide you with instant notifications about any change or issue with your account performance. With this information, you can respond quickly to emerging trends or handle any problem.

Can You Check Instagram Analytics for Other Accounts?

You cannot check Instagram analytics for other accounts with Instagram Insights. This is because the platform’s internal statistics are limited to an account owner or any other user with account access.
You can check limited analytics for other Instagram accounts through third-party Instagram analytics tools. You can get certain insights about their performance and know what you can do better to have a competitive edge.
With the tools, you get analytics for other accounts that help you discover untapped strategies and powerful benchmarks that set them apart. The tools provide you with comparison reports that can help you benchmark several competitors simultaneously.

Conclusion: Get the Most Out of Instagram Data Analytics With SocialDog

Get the most out of Instagram data analytics with SocialDog. It is a reliable tool with easy-to-understand graphs and data that lets you learn about your account performance within a certain period.
With SocialDog you get several metrics that help you know how your account is growing in terms of followers’ loss and gain, as well as your content performance.
The post schedule feature allows you to post your content when most of your followers are active to enhance engagement. SocialDog offers insights that enable you to know your audience preferences so you can create content with high engagement and conversion rates.
Try all of SocialDog’s premium features with a 7-day free trial of the Enterprise Plan.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing

SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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