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The Best Twitter Audit Tools to Audit Your Twitter Account

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/8/26 Update date :2024/1/18

Getting more social media followers is crucial to growing your business and developing a loyal following. In 2023 Twitter is one of the best platforms to tap into millions of potential customers. But what if these followers are bots that never interact with your content? Using a Twitter audit tool can help keep the bots at bay.
Twitter has approximately 354 million users. That’s a lot of people ready to engage with your brand, follow you, and convert into customers.
Your Twitter strategy defines how to reach millions of users and create a buzz. Now that Twitter has rebranded itself as X, it’s the perfect time to audit your account’s performance with a Twitter audit tool and improve your reach.

What is a Twitter Audit?

A Twitter audit is the review of all the metrics of your Twitter account to ensure they are aligned with your social media goals. It includes an analytical view of your profile, Tweet activity, followers, and engagement. Several tools for Twitter analysis make this task quicker.
Twitter Analytics is a free tool to take a broader look at your audience engagement. In addition, you may also need a dedicated Twitter audit tool to support your social media growth.

Why are Twitter Audits Important?

Before we dive deeper into the tools for Twitter analysis, let’s look at the significance of Twitter audits. The goal of an audit is to make sure your profile aligns with your marketing strategies. Twitter audits ensure that you:
Keep the brand progressing in a desired way.
Understand the changing algorithms and adapt to its content standards.
Review your social media strategy periodically to create a better impact.
Analyze your brand identity and tone of Tweets and establish your brand values.
Weed out fake followers and bots to have a healthy, engaging following of real people interested in your brand.
Regularly monitor the likes, comments, and retweets to understand what your audience expects from you.
In addition to these benefits, Twitter audit tools help you set benchmarks for content performance and KPIs. You can serve your audience’s needs better and turn them into loyal followers.
You can use a free Twitter audit tool to Twitter audit someone else. This process becomes crucial if your brand needs influencers to attract more attention. If you notice that their social presence is inflated with bots, you can avoid collaborations and sponsorships that might hurt your brand.
A Twitter audit is also effective for routine account clean-up and to keep your social media account up-to-date.

How to Conduct a Twitter Audit

Businesses and social media managers often look for ways to conduct a Twitter audit with minimum effort and maximum results. You can try a free Twitter audit tool, but even the native Twitter Analytics tool can help you get started. Here are a few steps to guide you through a Twitter audit:
Define marketing goals
The first task is to determine the goals of your Twitter account. Maybe you start with a vision, but as you proceed, your approach starts to vary. Timely checks and balances help modify your Twitter strategies to establish a unique personal brand.
Twitter profile audit
Your Twitter profile sets the tone for your brand identity. Make sure your Twitter account matches the branding aligned with your corporate strategy.
Have an engaging cover image consistent with your brand identity.
Create an impression with your bio. Keep it up-to-date with links to any significant campaign that’s currently running.
Make sure the URLs pinned on your profile are working.
Confirm your the pinned Tweet is still relevant.
Ensure the dimensions of your profile shot and bio are correct to display all the information.

Tweet performance audit
Once the basic outlook of your Twitter profile is ready, it’s time to focus on the performance metrics. Twitter’s native Twitter Analytics tool can create a dashboard with your daily activity. You should be tracking:
Top Tweets
Link clicks
Impressions by the time of the day
Engagement rate on Tweet content type
Content publishing frequency and engagement
New mentions and the Tweets that drew the most mentions
Variety of Tweets and responses to them (memes, threads, links to blog posts, infographics, images, videos, etc.)
These metrics will give you insights, so you can carry out A/B testing to check what kinds of campaigns work best for which customer segment. After multiple rounds of tests and audits, you can combine the best-performing strategies to create the ultimate Twitter strategy for your brand in 2023. However, these audits should be frequent for best results.
Twitter followers audit
Almost all brands have some irrelevant followers, but trouble begins when bots and fake followers start following you. They can also troll your brand and derail your social media game. There are many fake Twitter follower generators which can target your profile. This is why you need a routine Twitter bot checker.
Audit your followers using a fake Twitter account checker. You can also follow DIY methods for fake followers audit such as checking the authenticity of profile pictures and bios. Sometimes you can even tell from the Twitter handles and duplicate Tweets that they are fake. Sometimes, these bots have an unrealistic follower count, giving away their fake identity.
Follow back your important followers and devise strategies to interact with them regularly.
Collaborate with influencers and brand advocates in your niche to reach your target audience.
Keep in mind to audit your following list and unfollow the irrelevant accounts.
With these audit steps, you can reevaluate your Twitter performance and get a fresh start for your brand’s social media strategy.

Can You Audit Another Twitter Account?

The final step of a complete Twitter audit includes competitor analysis. You can perform a Twitter audit of someone else to assess the competition and strengthen your brand identity.
Several social listening tools can help you with tracking competitor performance. You can compare Tweet frequency, engagement, and Tweet content to start with. These metrics help understand what the audience of a particular segment is looking for.
After tracking the competitors, you can optimize your Twitter marketing strategies. Make sure the strategies fit your brand voice to maximize your brand exposure and boost the return on time and effort investment.

Top 3 Twitter Audit Tools

As a Twitter audit is crucial for brand growth, relying on DIY methods can consume your precious time. You need the best Twitter audit tools available in 2023 to level up and learn how to do a Twitter audit.
Here are our top picks for the three best Twitter bot checker tools:


SocialDog is an all-in-one marketing tool for Twitter, now known as X. Besides showing advanced metrics for your Twitter account, you can use SocialDog for its social listening and follower management features.
The powerful tool to track Twitter engagement rates allows you to create social media strategies based on performance metrics. SocialDog is one of the best Twitter audit tools available to regularly monitor your engagement and impressions. Forget the woes of dealing with fake Twitter followers generators.

SocialDog offers sophisticated filtering options to sort through your followers and remove the bots. It lets you engage with your existing followers and download their information as convenient CSV files.
This tool offers a complete picture of your follower acquisition analytics with advanced metrics. It comes with a host of other features like post scheduling, keyword monitoring, and daily engagement stats for your Tweets.
This tool is one of the most efficient fake Twitter account checkers available in 2023.


True to its name, FollowerAudit has a very specific use – to audit Twitter accounts. It helps identify credible Twitter users and generates comprehensive reports on your followers and target audience.

The analytics from FollowerAudit help in fake followers audits as well as help restructure your marketing strategies. You can monitor your unfollowers, track follower growth, analyze follower profiles and conduct quick follower audits. They offer a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans go up to $129.99/month.


Another simple tool for performing a Twitter follower audit, Twitonomy is useful for keeping track of hashtags, mentions, responses and followers on Twitter. Twitonomy offers a plain UI enough to get the job done. It’s a convenient tool to get rid of fake followers on Twitter for free.

Twitonomy offers actionable insights into Twitter analytics, allowing you to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. It keeps your following list clean while tracking your follower growth over time. You can export your data and create reports on your Twitter follower growth.
It has both free and paid versions, accessible with a Twitter account.

Simplify Audits with a Twitter Management Tool

A Twitter follower audit is crucial for the growth of every Twitter account. While DIY approaches work smoothly, you can save time and resources by opting for an efficient Twitter audit tool.
SocialDog is one of the most trusted Twitter marketing tools and plans start at just $9/month. Get the 7-day free trial of the Business plan to test out every incredible feature SocialDog has to offer.
If you want to get started with an efficient Twitter audit tool, you can’t go wrong with SocialDog.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing

SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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