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Best Twitter Hashtag Tools For Brand Building in 2023

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/9/19 Update date :2024/1/18

Twitter users share about 6,000 tweets every second. Keeping track of relevant tweets for brands gets difficult. Hashtags make it easier to find tweets and trending topics relevant to your business – and can be a powerful tool for building your brand. In this article, we’ll discuss Twitter hashtag tools that can help you grow on Twitter.

What is a Twitter Hashtag Tool?

A hashtag (#) is a powerful symbol on Twitter that groups topics and trends to make them easily searchable and browsable. It is critical that every brand and social media manager understands how hashtags work.
A Twitter hashtag tool is your ideal companion to run effective hashtag campaigns and establish your brand. These tools can conduct intensive Twitter hashtag searches, ensuring your brand follows the relevant trends and performs better than the competition.
An ideal Twitter hashtag research tool can help you improve your brand’s outreach, understand mass sentiment, explore demographics, and consider geographic data. There are many free Twitter hashtag tools available that can help your business gain traction on the social media platform.

How to Track Twitter Hashtags?

Tracking hashtags means monitoring their performance on Twitter and gaining insights into their engagement, reach, likes, and overall impact on your target audience.
You can search for relevant hashtags on Twitter and check the tweets containing them. The number of tweets against the hashtags is also available. Other than that, it’s tough to analyze the impact of each hashtag manually. This is why you need Twitter hashtag tools.
To track hashtags efficiently, here are some Twitter hashtag tracking tips:
Identify relevant hashtags for your brand or industry that align with your marketing goals.
Use a reliable Twitter hashtag analytics tool to check the volume of mentions, such as how many times a hashtag was used at a specific time of the day. Choose frequently used hashtags with good reach to get better impressions on your tweet.
With a hashtag tracker, you can accurately track engagement metrics. Check the number of likes, mentions, replies, and clicks the hashtags can generate.
Conduct a hashtag sentiment analysis using Twitter hashtag search tools and see whether a hashtag has any negative connotations attached. Look for tweet trends and opt for positive or neutral hashtags. Making your potential customers feel positive sentiments through your Twitter presence is crucial for your brand identity.
Look for influencers in your niche and check the trending hashtags they use. This way, you can be sure of generating more views.
A capable Twitter hashtag research tool helps analyze the popularity of multiple hashtags. Compare their performance and select the Twitter hashtag ideas that resonate most with users.
Monitor which trends your competitors are jumping on and leverage the same to get seen by potential customers.
Once you have tweeted with trending Twitter hashtags, compare your post’s reach with previous posts. This metric is crucial to understand whether the hashtag connects with your target audience.

Track Hashtags in X Pro (TweetDeck)

Native Twitter has a convenient and powerful analytics tool for brand managers and marketers called X Pro (formerly TweetDeck). You can log in to X Pro with your Twitter account and track metrics for multiple accounts.
X Pro allows you to add columns with useful metrics. In the navigation bar, click the + icon and choose Add column, then add columns to view trending hashtags and topics.

Track Hashtags with a 3rd-party Hashtag Tool

To dive deeper into the analytics and gain more insights, invest in 3rd-party hashtag tools. These tools go beyond basic Twitter hashtag search and help curate content for your ideal audience. They provide you the best choice to find, create, and monitor hashtag performance on Twitter.

The Benefits of Using a Hashtag Tool

Using hashtags on Twitter is crucial for every social media strategist and marketer. A good Twitter hashtag search tool can tell you how popular a hashtag is and the engagement rate it receives. This is useful to plan your social media posts and campaigns effectively.
Hashtag research tools help in:
Filtering out relevant hashtags your audience follows
Finding new and precise target audiences for your brand.
Displaying accurate Twitter tweet counts for specific hashtags.
Saving time you’d otherwise spend on manual competition research and hashtag tracking.
Building a community through generic and brand-specific hashtags.
Identifying the right influencers for collaboration projects.
Monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns.
Researching new content ideas based on trending hashtags in your niche.

Which Hashtags Should You Track?

The official Twitter website lists some Twitter hashtag rules to understand which hashtags you should track. In line with their Twitter hashtag tips, you should track trending Twitter hashtags that are:
Consistently beneficial for your brand
Easy to remember and read
Not used in any other context that’s irrelevant to your brand
Common for your target audience to use
Used by influencers and your niche followers
It is important to avoid overusing hashtags, and stick to 2 relevant hashtags per post. As a Twitter hashtag rule, hashtags should be CamelCase (sometimes called CapitalizedCase) for accessibility purposes. Keep the process of hashtag analysis and implementation gradual, and stick around to get results.
To start with, look for the performance of:
Your previous campaign hashtags
Competitor hashtags
Your brand name
Competitors’ names
Industry-related topics and keywords

The Top 5 Hashtag Tools

Now that you need a Twitter hashtag analytics tool, you’ll get multiple options in the market. You can start with the best free hashtag tools, but eventually, you’ll want to shift to paid features for better results.
Here are 5 top Twitter hashtag tools that you should definitely try in 2023.


SocialDog is one of the best Twitter hashtag tools that offers a host of features such as:
Detailed hashtag analytics
Multi-user management
Keyword monitoring
Advanced follow management
Advanced post scheduling
Detailed analytics report
You can effectively strategize your next campaign by tracking real-time hashtag trends on Twitter with SocialDog. Also, manage your Twitter account with the same tool and get detailed performance analytics.
Using this tool, you can also conduct sentiment analysis to decide which hashtag matches the tone of your tweet. With SocialDog, you will always know which hashtag to use for the most engagement and likes. It allows you to monitor your account performance at a glance with an intuitive dashboard.
SocialDog is a comprehensive Twitter management tool that can operate seamlessly for multiple accounts. With a great hashtag research tool, your tweet can potentially become the next viral sensation on Twitter.


A straightforward tool, Hashtagify, is focused on hashtag marketing. It offers real-time hashtag analytics to monitor relevant content.

It can reveal several KPIs like engagement, popularity, and reach of any hashtag on Twitter. With this hashtag tracker, you can generate custom reports of your campaigns with detailed Twitter trend counts.


If you’re looking for free Twitter hashtag analytics tools, Tweetbinder is good to begin with. It offers free Twitter hashtag analytics for up to 200 mentions from the last 7 days.

It is a capable tool to track your hashtags for campaigns and events from all over the world. You can purchase an extensive historical report of your brand with the paid edition.


RiteTag is a simple hashtag research tool for when you don’t know which hashtags to choose. This tool generates instant hashtag suggestions based on the image and text you are tweeting.

Simply right-click on the image to get Twitter hashtag ideas based on real-time engagement. With RiteTag, you can be sure of generating hashtags that get the most likes, clicks, and retweets.


An AI-based Twitter hashtag analytics tool, TrackMyHashtag is another simple hashtag tracker. It can display historical data and conduct real-time analysis of chosen hashtags. You have to save the hashtags of your choice on the platform to track all tweets related to that hashtag.

The analytics are easy to understand and provide a detailed report on any hashtag or keyword. Using TrackMyHashtag, you can filter out the top contributors and influencers for better marketing.

Leverage Your Hashtags with a Powerful Twitter Management Tool

Twitter is a goldmine for brands to grow their audience, but acing hashtag trends is simply not enough. You need to have an all-in-one tool that offers complete Twitter management.
SocialDog is one of the best Twitter management tools that goes beyond Twitter hashtags. It offers diverse features such as advanced post management, follower management, account analytics, and social listening. When used right, these features can supercharge your Twitter journey and help you reach massive chunks of your target audience.
SocialDog’s Business plan offers powerful hashtag analytics to level up your Twitter performance. Plans start at just $9 per month.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing

SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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