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How To See Instagram Analytics

Instagram marketingPosted on:2024/3/1 Update date :2024/3/1

Are you curious about how your Instagram campaigns are performing? Instagram analytics offer reports with performance analysis. Read on to learn more on how to see your Instagram analytics can help boost your presence on the platform.

What are Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics help you have a better understanding of your audience and account performance. They allow you to know who your audience is, the type of content they engage with, and which times they are most active.
The analytics provide helpful insights such as content reach, audience engagement, post metrics, and follower demographics. This is crucial in creating a content strategy that brings the desired results for your business or brand.

Can You See Instagram Analytics Without a Business Account?

No. You need a business account to see Instagram analytics.
Instagram Insights is the platform’s native analytics tool, but it is only available to creator and business accounts. You can also use third-party tools for your business account analytics.

How to Check Analytics on Instagram

Checking Instagram analytics allows you to track performance and take advantage of opportunities for improvement. The analytics provide reports with metrics that give you an accurate picture of your campaign progress. Here are some of the ways to see Instagram analytics.

Check Analytics with Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the native platform that shows the overall trends in your content performance and followers. It gives insights into stories, posts, reels, videos, and live videos. Instagram Insights is free but is only available for creator and business accounts.
Instagram Insights provides profile insights such as content shared, recent highlights, accounts reached, total followers, and account engagement. From your profile, you will get a summary page together with metrics leading to different screens with comprehensive details.

Check the top right corner of each screen for definitions of the metrics. You can also see the insights from the past 90 days by tapping the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.
Under the individual videos, posts, and reels, Tap Insights gives metrics specific to that content. This includes engaged and reached accounts, content interactions, plays, and ads.
If you converted a personal account to a business or creator account, you will only view content created since the conversion.

Check Analytics with Third-Party Tools

Third-party tools provide more detailed Instagram analytics. They offer more features and provide comprehensive analytics reports with several metrics that show your account performance.
You can get reports on the number of stories, views, follows, likes, profile visits, reach, follower demographics, impressions, website clicks, and more. Reports help create better content to attract a larger audience and boost account performance.
Third-party Instagram analytics tools also show data broken down by specific stories and posts. You can view the performance of each post in terms of audience engagement to understand the type of content with the greatest impact on your audience.
Each third-party tool has unique features, meaning that they offer distinct analytics data and present the information differently. There are both paid and free third-party tools you can choose based on your marketing needs and budget.

Can You Check Instagram Analytics for Someone Else’s Account?

Meta rules don’t allow users to check Instagram analytics for other users’ accounts, so you cannot check someone’s account using Instagram Insights.
However,some third-party analytics tools let you check certain metrics for other accounts.

6 Types of Analytics on Instagram

Instagram analytics provide a wealth of information about your content and audience through a wide range of indicators. Here are 6 types of analytics on Instagram.

Post Analytics

Post analytics provide insights on various metrics on your content performance. Through post analytics, you can see the number of times users have commented on your post and the accounts that liked them for the past two years.
Instagram post analytics tell you how many times a post has been saved, which Instagram’s algorithm uses to judge something as high-quality content. The Video view shows the number of views your videos have received, while the Discovery displays your account reach and unique followers.
Post analytics also show the number of people who engaged with your content.

Profile Analytics

Instagram profile analytics give insights into your profile page. They show the number of times that a user viewed your posts and the interactions for the past week. The report also shows the reach, which is the number of unique accounts that saw your post.
Profile analytics show the number of people who viewed your account and how many times they clicked the link to your site. You can also see the number of times users mentioned your account.
With the analytics report, you can take more informed steps to improve your profile to attract more visits and engagement with your account.

Ad Analytics

Ad analytics show the impressions, reach, click-through rate, cost per click, custom conversions, cost per conversion, and the return on your ads spent.

Reels Analytics

Instagram reels analytics help you create 30-second multi-clip videos. Metrics include the number of people who played the reel and the actions users took on a specific reel.
Instagram reels analytics reports provide insights that help you make data-driven decisions about your campaign strategy.

Hashtag Analytics

Hashtag analytics allow you to monitor the performance of hashtags used in your posts and which hashtags reach the most people. You can filter your hashtags based on the number of likes, impressions, click-through rate, tags, sentiment analysis, saves, reach, and comments that your hashtags get to gauge their performance.

Stories Analytics

Instagram stories analytics show how many times users clicked back to return to your previous story, and clicked forward to go to the next story. The report also shows story exits, the number of times users stopped watching your story part way through.
Story impressions indicate the times that your story was shown to people during its lifetime, while the average reach per story shows the average number of users who viewed it.

Use SocialDog for Instagram Analytics and More

To get accurate and reliable Instagram analytics, you should use an effective tool.SocialDog can help you to see instagram analytics with an accurate picture of your account performance. Created with easy-to-understand graphs and charts, the tool lets you see all the necessary metrics for your analysis with a single click.
SocialDog provides data showing your account performance in terms of follower acquisition. You can check follower growth with dates on when each of the users followed or unfollowed you.

This information lets you know the specific times when your account performed exceptionally well and when the performance was not impressive. This helps you check the reasons that may have contributed to both scenarios for better decision-making.
With SocialDog, you also get data on post analytics showing various metrics such as replies, likes, and engagement received by each post within a selected period. You can view these metrics by day of the week and time of the day.
The tool also offers accurate media reports showing the performance of the posts featuring live videos and other media.

Conclusion: Try the Best Way to Check Instagram Analytics

SocialDog can help you get the most out of Instagram analytics. And with the Enterprise plan, you can try every feature SocialDog has to offer free for 7 days. SocialDog can help you get the most out of Instagram analytics. And with the Enterprise plan, you can enjoy more detailed analytics because of the more features provided than the other plans.

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