I can't "Login with Twitter" on SocialDog

Update date: 2020/07/08
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When you try to "Log in with Twitter" on the login screen, you'll see

This account cannot be used for Twitter login. Please login with your email address and password.

twitter error1

Please login using your email address and password. If you get this error, please check the following

If you have more than one SocialDog account that uses your Twitter account (User Management)

If you are using User Management, you can't login to Twitter. Please login with your email address and password.

For more information on user management, please see the following pages

If you are logged in to Twitter with multiple accounts

When you click "Sign in with Twitter", you may be trying to sign in with a different account. Please try the following steps.

Log out and log in again.

  1. Open Twitter in your browser.
  2. If you are logged in, log out of all accounts
  3. Click the "Log in with Twitter" button on SocialDog
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