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I want to exclude accounts with a lot of adult tweets.

Update date: 2020/03/11
This article has not yet been translated in the language shown. It is displayed in machine translation, but it may be incorrect.

Using the Filter feature, you can filter by followers, users you follow, and users who tweeted about your keywords.

The Adult filter allows you to specify the strength of the filter (i.e. how many adult tweets you have).

The results may be incorrect due to automatic judgment by machine. Please note that the results may be wrong.

Using the AI-based automatic account classification filter

  1. Open the screen where you want to apply a filter, such as Followers or Inbox, and click the filter button on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Advanced filter.
  3. Click Add filter and then click Adult tweets. You can set a condition.

    If you set this to Include, it will filter users who have a lot of adult tweets, and if you set this to Exclude, it will exclude users who have a lot of adult tweets.

  4. When you are done, click Apply.
  5. The result is displayed. The number of items displayed in the upper part of the screen will change and the number of items after the filter is applied will be displayed.