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How to Increase Your Followers on SocialDog

Update date: 2018/12/28
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Action 1. Follow back

Go to [Manage Followers] > [Fans] and click the [Follow] button to follow back.

Many companies run Twitter accounts. For example, when people find out you have a Twitter account, they need to be very loyal to follow you. If they follow you and then unfollow you, there is no hope for you.

This is where you need to communicate at the optimal time to increase familiarity with your account and make it as hard as possible for people to unfollow you.

When you follow back, the other person's screen will show "You are followed" near the unfollow button. If you decide to unfollow someone in the future, this display may discourage you from unfollowing them for a bit.

Action 2. Be sure to reply and follow me when I get Mentions

The Mentored Tweets are shown together in your Inbox. You can follow, reply, like and retweet.
The third thing is that you must reply to any Mentions you receive. If you are unfollowing someone, follow them.

The more often you communicate, the more familiar you become with the account and the less likely you are to be unfollowed.

You can also use likes and retweets to get closer to your users.

Action 3. Mention to users who are tweeting the keyword

If you register your keywords in your Inbox → [Keyword Monitor], tweets that contain your keywords will be automatically collected and you can check them by going to your Inbox → [Tweets containing keywords].

According to Twitter's Twitter User Survey 2016, 83% of users who received a reply from a small business's Twitter account said it was a positive experience, so you can give them a positive impression through Mentions.

Furthermore, if you follow up at the time of the Mention or reply, you have a better chance of getting them to follow you back since they've already interacted with you once.

Action 4. Unfollow users who are not following you

You can unfollow all of them at once by clicking [Manage Followers] -> [Unfollowed].

On Twitter, if you follow more than 5,001 users, there is a limit to the number of users you can follow. Although not officially announced, you cannot follow more than 1.1 times your follower count at the moment.

If you use the above methods to increase your following, but your followers can't keep up with it, you won't be able to follow more than 5,001 users.

If you are faced with such a situation, unfollow accounts that you follow but are unfollowed. However, it takes a few days for a user to realize that they have been followed and then follow back. Unfollowing should be done after a few weeks of following.