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How to Use Twitter Thread Tools to Grow on Twitter in 2023

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/8/29 Update date :2024/1/18

Social media managers aim to spread their brand messaging most efficiently, without spamming. But the 280-character limit on Twitter may not be enough to convey your message. This is why Twitter threads have become a marketer’s favorite feature.
A Twitter thread is a linear series of connected tweets from one account. They’re great for storytelling, sharing detailed opinions, and providing deep insights..
Twitter threads are available to all Twitter users and they can be engaging for readers. We’ll cover the best practices for posting threads and using Twitter thread tools to amp up your Twitter marketing.

What are Twitter Threads?

If you have a story to share, a Twitter thread can be your go-to style. The connected tweets feature of Twitter threads allows users to post content longer than the Twitter character limit.
You can read these threads as a complete post. They are more engaging than tweets and can provide in-depth information on any subject. Brands and marketers are using Twitter threads in several innovative ways to boost their engagement on Twitter.
Some incredible Twitter thread examples and use cases are:
Converting blog posts into Twitter threads
Explaining complicated topics in simple pointers
Creating short listicles and guides
Making announcements with follow-up Q&A

Marketers can come up with numerous Twitter thread ideas, and leverage Twitter thread tools online to stand out.

How to Write a Twitter Thread?

If you’re wondering how to write a Twitter thread, here is a step-by-step guide:
On your home page, click to compose a new tweet.

Write your first post. Click the “+” button to open a new window. Here you can add another post.

Create multiple posts and click on Post all to publish the entire thread. You can post up to 25 tweets in a Twitter thread. You can add tweets to this thread later.
Twitter also lets you publish a tweet and later add follow-up tweets to convert it to a thread. Tap on the compose icon, and go to Continue Thread to Add to your last post. If you’re adding a thread to an older post, click on “Select another post.”
It’s quite simple to draft a Twitter thread once you have your Twitter thread ideas. You should experiment with this feature, leveraging Twitter thread tools to streamline your Twitter workflow.

What is a Twitter Thread Tool?

Twitter thread tools help you create engaging Twitter threads from long-form content. Using these all-in-one tools, you can write, edit, publish, reply, and schedule threads on Twitter.
The best Twitter thread tools can seamlessly blend into your current marketing strategies, helping you:
Offer useful information about your brand and its products
Share professional opinions related to your niche
Provide a roundup of detailed videos and articles
Repurpose long-form content as Twitter threads
The key to success with Twitter thread tools is to test different approaches and see what resonates with your audience. Remember to have an intriguing first tweet. And use emojis to create proper spacing in your threads and make them skimmable on a mobile device.

2 Types of Twitter Thread Tools

Twitter threads help brands grow their audiences faster on Twitter. There are several Twitter thread tools online, and most fall under the 2 major types of Twitter thread tools:

Twitter Thread Makers

These are the most common Twitter thread tools that help you create Twitter threads from long text formats. You can easily schedule thread-style posts, and choose a custom posting time.
The best Twitter thread maker tools can show the post history and insights for all posts, making it easier to tweak and optimize your social media strategy. One of the best Twitter thread maker tools is SocialDog with advanced analytics and scheduling features, beyond Twitter thread making.

Twitter Thread Readers

Another type of Twitter thread tool is the Twitter thread reader which converts Twitter thread to text. A Twitter bot called Thread Reader App can help you read threads better. You can mention the bot with the “unroll” keyword on any thread, and it’ll send you a link on Twitter to read the thread properly.
These Twitter thread unroll tools can convert any tweet into blogs, and deliver them to your inbox.

Why You Should Write Twitter Threads

Twitter thread gain more impressions and engagement and perform better than tweets with links. As per a Twitter experiment, threads received 63% more impressions than standalone tweets.
Aside from increased visibility, there are multiple benefits of writing Twitter threads, such as:
Follow up on an old Tweet to draw the audience towards it again.
Engage your readers with bite-sized, informative content like lists and how-to tutorials.
Create hype around any announcement or live event with regular tweets, all arranged in a thread campaign.
Experiment with multiple content formats like GIFs, live videos, and pre-recorded videos to check what drives engagement to your account.
Publish one tweet at a time and post the follow-ups at a few-minute intervals to always appear on the top of your followers’ feeds.
Build suspense and intrigue around a subject by revealing details one by one in a thread.
Offer insights on a subject by diving deeper into it, beyond the character limit of Twitter.
You can be innovative with Twitter threads and enhance your Twitter performance using Twitter thread tools for free. If you’re still wondering how to draft a Twitter thread, try a Twitter tool like SocialDog to see how easy it is.

How to Choose a Twitter Thread Tool

There are many Twitter thread tools available in the market and choosing the best tool for your brand can get complicated. While researching the best Twitter thread maker tools, look for the following qualities:
Intuitiveness: Overall user experience and customer support
Additional features alongside thread making and posting
Value for money in terms of features: does the tool offer detailed analytics?
Usability: Scale of integration with other social media platforms

Free Twitter Thread Tools

If you are learning how to write a Twitter thread, it’s recommended to start with the free tools before investing in high-end features. Two free Twitter thread tools you should try, are:

Native Twitter

The easiest way to schedule Twitter threads is with the native Twitter app. From your home page, compose a tweet as you normally do. Attach images or videos, and create a thread. Then, click on the calendar icon to schedule it.

Here, you can set the date and time to post the thread. Click “Confirm” to finalize your scheduled tweet.

Pallyy Twitter Thread Maker

Pallyy is a free Twitter thread tool that lets you divide long captions into multiple Twitter threads. This efficient Twitter thread tool can schedule and auto-publish threads. It’s built-in features let you share post calendars within teams.
Pallyy also tracks the Twitter threads’ performance in real time which you can access from a custom dashboard. This is a great, centralized tool dedicated to Twitter thread creation.
While both these tools are amazing, they have limited features. You should choose the best Twitter thread tools which offer more functionalities at a reasonable cost, instead of only using the free alternatives.

The Best Tools for Writing Twitter Threads

Creating Twitter threads is no longer a time-consuming task. With the best Twitter thread tools, you can craft impressive tweet threads, and schedule them for better engagement with your audience. Here are some of the most useful tools for writing Twitter threads:


SocialDog focuses on adding value to each tweet with advanced analytics and post metrics. It is a comprehensive tool that can streamline complete Twitter management and thread posting. It helps users save time by creating professional-looking threads, and tracking their performance in real-time. You can sync multiple accounts with SocialDog to manage Twitter marketing like a pro.


Typefully is an AI-powered Twitter thread tool for writing and scheduling threads. You can get Twitter thread ideas and suggestions, and rewrite content for threads. This is useful for Twitter threads unroll to share tweets and threads easily. Typefully also comes with engagement analytics to help understand post metrics.

Thread Creator

Thread Creator has a clean interface and allows users to write, format, and publish Twitter threads directly from the platform. You can add a time gap between tweets while scheduling them. This tool lets you automatically retweet threads and number the tweets to write without any disruption.

Write Threads with an All-in-one Twitter Management Tool

Why stop at thread making when you can have a tool for complete Twitter management? SocialDog is your one-stop Twitter tool, offering a Twitter thread tool, advanced post analytics, follow management, inbox organization, and social listening features.
You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the Business plan to explore the benefits of using an efficient Twitter thread tool. The premium features start from as low as $9/month. Increase your audience engagement and gain impressions with SocialDog today!

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing

SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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* Based on a study by Japan Marketing Research Organization, Inc. undertaken in February 2021.

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