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How To Get Instagram Analytics For Your Business Campaign

Instagram marketingPosted on:2024/3/25 Update date :2024/3/25

Are you looking for the best ways to get Instagram analytics? No need to worry. Getting Instagram analytics helps you know how your campaign is progressing. You can get the analytics from Instagram Insights or by using third-party tools. Read on to learn more.

What are Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics allow you to understand your account’s overall performance. They are the best way to identify successes and failures in your campaign. There are two main ways to get Instagram analytics. You can use the native analytics service, Instagram Insights, or third-party Instagram analytics tools.
With these Instagram analytics tools you can understand your audience, identify best-performing posts, optimize your publishing schedule, analyze your competitors, and more. Reviewing the data allows you to receive useful feedback and improve your Instagram strategy.

Can You Get Instagram Analytics Without a Business Account?

You cannot get Instagram analytics without a business or creator account. Instagram created its native analytics tool called Instagram Insights specifically for these accounts. Third party tools are also available for your business or creator account analytics.

How to Set Up a Professional Account on Instagram

A professional account on Instagram can either be a business or a creator account. To create a professional account, start by signing up for an account and selecting a username that represents your business, such as your business name. Then, add a profile image, a link to your website, and a biography that captures your audience’s interest.
To switch to a business account, click the gear icon at the top right corner and click “switch to a business profile”. Note that your business should have a Facebook Page to switch to a business profile.
Link your Instagram account to other sharing websites where you have an account. Inform your Facebook followers you are on Instagram and provide them with your username. Use and look for tags to connect with your target audience.
Begin sharing photos on your account and other networks. Review Instagram business analytics to know the best performing posts and understand your audience. Start to promote your top-performing posts directly from your mobile Instagram app.

How to View Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics allow you to see your account’s performance. By observing the data provided by analytics tools, you can determine your campaign’s performance and take the necessary actions to improve it. Here are some ways to get Instagram analytics.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the native analytics tool that Instagram provides for business and creator profiles. You can use the tool to track your account’s activities and determine its performance.
Instagram Insights shows recent highlights, including accounts engaged, reached, and total followers. It provides a summary page and clickable metrics that lead to different screens with more comprehensive details.
On each screen, you can click in the top-right corner to view the definitions for each metric listed. You can also click on the drop-down at the top of the screen to choose a custom or preset timeframe within the last 90 days to see the insights.
Click “View insights” under each video, post, and reel or swipe up on your live videos and stories. This allows you to see insights for each post, including interactions, accounts reached and engaged, ads, and plays.
Instagram Insights shows your followers trends after you have at least 100 followers. The insights include age range, top locations, growth rate, and times they are most active.

Third-Party Instagram Analytics Tools

You can also view Instagram analytics with third-party tools. These tools provide detailed insights about your Instagram promotion or campaign effectiveness and also a holistic view of your business’s presence on Instagram. They help with analytic data that helps you improve your brand’s presence on the platform.
Instagram analytics tools use behavioral analytics to help you know how and when your audience interacts with your posts. They show your followers, their preferences, engagement patterns, and when they are most active.
The tools provide data that helps you determine the content that resonates with your audience and identify the best performing content. This lets you know the type of posts to create more for increased connection with your audience.
Third-party Instagram analytics tools also provide detailed analytics reports, custom alerts and monitoring, automation and efficiency, sentiment analysis, hashtag tracking, competitor analysis, industry trends, audience demographics, and more insights.

Are Instagram Analytics Free?

Instagram Insights, the native Instagram Analytics tool, is free and available for creator and business accounts. The tool helps you gain insights such as the top-performing content, when your audience is more active, your account’s impressions and reach.
In addition, the free tool provides data for specific posts, stories, reels, Live videos showing the performance and engagement each received. There are also free third-party Instagram analytic tools, while some paid tools also have free trials for a specific number of days.

How to Make Reports for Instagram Analytics

An Instagram analytics report is an overview of your account’s performance and the success your campaign is achieving based on your objectives. While making reports can be a time consuming process, tools exist to make it easier, gathering data and automatically creating reports.
To create a detailed report, you should first determine the metrics you want to track and have them included in your report. Some of the metrics to feature in the report include engagement rate by followers or reach, impressions, Instagram reach, average reach per post, follower growth, top-performing posts, story reach rate, competitors’ audit, and more.
After you choose the metrics, the next step is to select an easy-to-understand report structure. Choose a structure that provides the most comprehensive report and present it logically.
Various analytics tools provide different report templates, so you can choose one that makes your report more appealing and easy to understand. The tools allow you to create reports with all the chosen metrics with a single click.
Based on your particular needs, you may choose to have your reports in PowerPoint, PDF, or Excel formats.

3 Types of Instagram Analytics

For a successful Instagram campaign strategy, it is important to check the performance of different initiatives you apply. Instagram analytics provide a lot of data to use to improve your campaign. This allows you to know when new ideas are working or when to change a certain strategy. Here are 3 types of Instagram analytics to check out.

Account Insights

Accounts insights help you know the performance of your account within a specific period. The insights provide data on the following:

Engagement Rate

The insights show your engagement rate, which shows the number of engagements as a percentage of reach or followers. This acts as the basis for analyzing how your post resonates with your audience.

Website Referral Traffic

Account insights provide data on the number of visitors your account drives to your blog or website. This is important if you need to boost your account ROI and connect your Instagram campaign to other platforms.

Content Insights

Content insights provide data on the performance of your Instagram posts and help improve your strategy. They help you learn more about:

Post Engagement Rate

Post engagement rate is the number of engagements as a percentage of reach and followers. This shows how your followers interact with your posts in comments, likes, shares, and more. With these insights, you will know whether your content resonates with your audience.

Content Reach

Reach is the number of people who view your Instagram posts. A high reach shows that your content is more engaging and more suitable for your audience.

Shares and Comments

Content insights also show the number and type of comments and shares your posts receive. This shows how relevant your posts are based on your audience’s interests.

Follower Insights

Instagram follower insights offer a detailed overview of your follower base. You learn more about your total follower count, follows, and unfollows. You also learn more about:

Follower Growth Rate

Follower insights show your follower growth rate, which indicates how fast you are losing or gaining followers within a specific period. With the numbers provided, you will know the changes you need to make or adopt new ideas to attract more followers.

Audience Demographics

These insights show the age, top locations, and gender breakdown of your audience. The demographics help you create content that will work best for your campaign based on the demographics of your audience.

Most Active Times

The insights enable you to know the specific hours and days when most of your followers are active. This lets you know the best time to post to get high reach and engagement.

Can You Get Instagram Analytics for Other Accounts?

Instagram’s internal statistics are restricted to account owners and those with account access. This means that you cannot get Instagram analytics for other accounts. However, by using third-party analytics tools, you can access limited analytics on other accounts.
Getting Instagram analytics for other accounts is crucial because they help measure your performance against the industry standard, improve your content strategy, identify opportunities to gain an edge, and stay on top of your industry trends.

Conclusion: Leverage Instagram Analytics With a Powerful All-in-one Tool

Leverage Instagram analytics with SocialDog, a powerful all-in-one tool created to offer reliable results for digital marketers. SocialDog has a detailed dashboard displaying your follower growth rate and post performance to help measure your progress.
SocialDog has a post management feature that lets you create posts and schedule them to be posted when most of your audience is online for more engagement. You can schedule a single post or in bulk to save effort and time.
Another feature provided is post analytics, which allow you to analyze the engagement of your posts, such as likes, replies, and more. You can view them by time of the day or day of the week to help you learn the optimal time to post. In addition, you can view the analytics of posts, including videos or images.
While Instagram Insights is valuable, SocialDog offers more comprehensive and reliable data to use to improve your campaign strategy. You can also boost your X (Twitter) and Facebook campaigns with SocialDog.
Try all the SocialDog’s features for 7 days with the Enterprise Plan.

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