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The name of the "Submission Schedule" and "Queue" functions will be changed to "Reserved Space".

Update date: 2019/10/23
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Thank you for using SocialDog

We are pleased to announce that we are changing the names of some of the features in SocialDog.

There will be no changes in functionality, operation, specifications, or plan content, just a name change.

Old name New Feature Name
Add Reserved Tweets Time-Designated Tweets
Submission Schedule Reserved Space
Add to Queue Add to your reservation
Add to the top of the queue Add to the top of the reservation table
Move to the top of the queue. Moved to the top of the booking frame.
Add a posting schedule Add a reserved slot

Some of the old function names in the app, website, help, etc. may still be in effect. In such cases, please replace them with the new names.

We are continuously working to improve SocialDog's features to make it even more useful. Thank you for your continued support.