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Why Twitter Analytics Impressions Matter and How to Calculate Them

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/5/13 Update date :2023/6/1

Twitter impressions give insights into how many people see your tweets. Knowing how many people view your tweets helps to know your account presence. Read on to learn more about how to calculate impressions and why they matter.

What are Tweet Impressions?

Twitter impressions refer to the number of times other Twitter users have viewed your tweets. The impressions also show when your content has appeared on users’ feeds and search results. If someone views your tweets multiple times, each visit is counted as an impression.
However, Twitter Analytics impressions only show the times your tweets are viewed on the Twitter platform, not through third-party apps, embedded on a website or text preview.

Impressions vs. Reach

Twitter impressions are the number of times other users have seen your tweet, regardless of whether they click or don’t click it. The impressions include the number of times your tweet appears in different places on Twitter, such as search results and timelines.
On the other hand, Twitter reach is the number of users who have viewed your tweet. The reach is measured by considering the number of users who have viewed the tweet, regardless of the number of times they saw it.
Suppose your tweet has 500 impressions and a reach of 250. This means 250 people have seen your tweet for a total of 500 times, meaning some of those people viewed it more than once.

How to Measure Reach on Twitter

Twitter doesn’t measure your reach, so you won’t find it in your nativeTwitter analytics. But knowing your reach is important to understand a tweet’s impact. You can measure your reach in two ways.
One way is to divide the number of Twitter impressions by the number of followers you have and then multiply by 100. For example, if you have 4000 followers and earned 400 tweet impressions, you have 10% Twitter reach (400 impressions / 4000 followers = 0.1 x 100 = 10%). Twitter Analytics tracks your impressions to help you get the numbers for your Twitter reach calculations.
Another way to measure your reach on Twitter is by reviewing your hashtag analytics. If you find your hashtags shared more or people talking more about them, it shows that your account has more reach and exposure.

Impressions vs. Engagement

Twitter impressions are a simple metric that shows the times your tweet is seen by other users. The figure displayed doesn’t show the exact user who saw your tweet or whether it resonates with their interests.
Let’s say you have 500 followers and all of them opened their accounts when you tweeted. Impressions will include those who read it, clicked the link on it, replied, and even scrolled without looking at it.
All of them will count as impressions, though they interact differently with your tweet. Therefore, impressions shouldn’t be considered the key indicator of your account performance, but they help measure the engagement rate of your tweets.
Twitter engagement refers to the number of times a user interacts with your tweet, including links, retweets, likes, replies, hashtags, follows, embedded media, profile photo, username, or tweet expansion. It shows that other users take the desired action toward your tweets. Knowing the tweets that bring more engagement makes a great difference because you can use them to connect more with your audience.

How to Measure Engagement Rate on Twitter

Your Twitter engagement rate is a key metric that shows whether your content resonates with your target audience. The higher the engagement rate, the more effective your tweets are in terms of audience engagement and reach.
Engagement is calculated based on the number of follows, retweets, favorites, clicks on hashtags, and links to those tweets. To understand your engagement rate, divide the engagement figure by a tweet’s impressions. You can also use Twitter Analytics or other third-party apps to understand your engagement rate.
To know your engagement rate with Twitter Analytics:
Click “More” on the left
Move to “Creator Studio”
Click “Analytics”
On the Analytics dashboard, click on the “Tweets” menu at the top
Click “Engagement rate.”
To measure the engagement rate for a certain tweet, click the tweet from the Tweet activity dashboard. A new window opens, displaying the total engagements and impressions.

Why Do Impressions Matter?

Understand your account presence

Tracking impressions allows you to have an idea of your account’s performance. It’s an important way to track your brand’s presence, as more impressions mean that more people are seeing your content.

Know your content’s effectiveness

Twitter impressions also give you a clue about the effectiveness of your content. For instance, if you receive many impressions without clicks, you may not be reaching the target audience, or your content isn’t compelling enough. If you get low impressions, reconsider the contents of your tweets, look for new followers, and consider boosting your ad spend.

Understand the right time to tweet

The impressions show whether you have timed your tweets efficiently to reach your audience. With more impressions, you are tweeting at the right times, while low impressions show you may not be timing your posts well. In other words, impressions let you know the best times to post.

Identify the efficiency of influencer marketing

If you plan to market your business through influencers, you should understand your Twitter impressions. The impressions let you know if your Twitter campaign is working for you by showing the number of times your tweets were viewed. The metric can be of great help, especially if you are a starter in Twitter marketing.

How to See Your Impressions on Twitter

With the importance that Twitter impressions play in your campaign, it’s good to know how to see them. Twitter offers a free way to check impressions through Twitter Analytics, or you can use third-party tools, which can offer additional insights.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Twitter Analytics provides metrics that show your account performance. You can check impressions on your desktop or mobile device. Here is how to check your Twitter impressions on your desktop:
On your account, Click “More” on the left side
Go to “Creator Studio” then “Analytics”
On the Twitter Analytics dashboard, you will find a 28 day summary with the number of tweet impressions received in that period.
Another option is go to and follow the steps above to access the impressions.
If you are using your mobile device, you will get per-tweet analytics data following these steps.
On your account, click on the tweet you want to understand the impressions
Click on (…) on the right of the tweet
Click “View Tweet analytics” at the bottom of the menu. Here you will see the number of impressions the tweet has gained.
Another option is to click on the tweet you want to see the impressions. You will find “View Tweet activity” below the tweet. Click to see your impressions and other metrics the tweet has received.

Third-party Twitter Analytics Tools

There are both free and paid third-party Twitter analytics tools to measure your account performance. Naturally, paid analytics tools usually offer more features and more detailed insights than free ones.
You should use a tool based on your Twitter analytics goals and budget. Check all the features a tool offers to determine if it will provide accurate and reliable data. It’s also important to check a tool’s usability and make sure you’re comfortable with its user interface.

The Best Twitter Tools for Tweet Analytics

Here are some of the best tweet analytics tools to use.

SocialDog is an all-in-one Twitter marketing tool to help you improve your campaigns and boost efficiency. Its main features include account management, automation, and analytics. With tweet analytics, you know how your tweets are performing and understand the improvements to make.
SocialDog’s social listening feature lets you filter tweets according to a wide range of criteria, while. The keyword monitor automatically collects all tweets containing specific words or phrases. You get notified through Slack or email on all tweets featuring certain keywords, which allows you to promptly follow or reply to users who post them. It also displays all the tweets that mention your account for you to retweet, like, or follow.
You get engagement analytics at a glance, as it tracks engagements such as likes, replies, and retweets by type of content. The media analytics feature enables you to measure the engagement of tweets containing video and images.
SocialDog lets you perform tweet analytics by the time of the day. It shows you the total retweets and likes by the time of the day of the week. This lets you know the best time to tweet to receive more engagements.
If you plan to run tweet contests, SocialDog’s tweet engagement feature lists those who retweeted, quoted, or replied to your tweets. The data provided allows you to run successful tweet content.
SocialDog has 4 plans:
Lite+: $9/month,
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month
To enjoy using all the SocialDog features, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial.
h3>Sprout Social

Sprout Social makes it easy to perform tweet analytics by providing graphs and tables with data on your tweet performance in a single platform. The tool lets you plan and analyze your Twitter campaign using well-detailed trend, keyword, and hashtag reports.
The tool breaks down your Twitter posts and engagement, such as retweets, reach, and clicks. It enables you to analyze all your tweets to know the ones that are more promotional or conversational to ensure they reach the right audience.
Sprout Social provides advanced reports for Twitter listening and monitoring. The report lets you view the top tweets, hashtags, and terms frequently mentioned in connection with your brand. The tool also enables you to learn trending and new topics for discussion to boost your tweet engagement.
Sprout Social has 4 plans:
Standard: $249/month
Professional: $399/month
Advanced: $499/month
Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Twitonomy is one of the best and simplest tweet analytics tools. To use the tool, you need to sign in with your account, and you are ready to start your Tweet analytics. It displays data, including the most popular tweets, engagement metrics, and the best time of the day to tweet. You also find out the tweets with the highest number of retweets.
The tool allows you to track your competitors’ accounts based on predefined keywords. This will enable you to use the best performing keywords in your tweets. You can also check your competition’s tweet history and tweets per day.
Twitonomy helps you to track interactions with other users, including favorites, mentions, and retweets. The tool also allows you to visualize where your tweets are mentioned most globally. The data helps you know the geographical impact of your Twitter campaign.
Twitonomy has 2 plans
1-month single payment: $19 or
Monthly: $19/month

Conclusion: Supercharge Your Tweets With an All-in-one Twitter Tool

Highly engaging tweets help boost your account performance and allow you to connect strongly with your audience. To supercharge your tweets, you should use an all-in-one Twitter tool. SocialDog
stands out from the rest of the tools with its robust feature and ease of use. The tool offers a dashboard with simple graphs and tables showing the performance of your tweets.
SocialDog provides data on the likes, replies, mentions, and retweets your tweets have received within a specified period. You can also analyze tweets with images and videos to determine their impact on your campaign.
To enjoy performing tweet analytics with all the features, sign up for the free trial of SocialDog’s Business plan!

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