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How to Use a Twitter Debugger Tool to Preview Twitter Cards

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/9/7 Update date :2024/1/18

Creating appealing posts with Twitter Cards leads to more engagement and conversion. But before posting you should validate and preview your tweets to see how they will appear. Read on to learn how Twitter debugger tools can help debug and validate your Twitter Cards.


What is a Twitter Debugger Tool?

When creating Twitter Cards, you want to confirm that they will work. A Twitter debugger tool helps identify and squash any bugs created during the development process. The debugger tool ensures that your Cards aren’t broken and that the URL you share is compatible with Twitter Cards.

Why You Should Use a Twitter Debugger Tool

A Twitter debugger tool enables you to preview how your Twitter Cards will look when shared in your tweets. It ensures that your Cards are implemented and displayed as desired. The tool helps optimize your tweets to bring maximum impact to your campaign. Here are other reasons for using the debugger tool.

Identify meta tags

The debugger tools let you identify whether your Twitter Card Meta tag is embedded correctly in the HTML code of the web pages. It also indicates the Card type used for a certain URL.

Check validation instantly

A debugger tool comes in handy when you want to inspect a Twitter URL in real-time. It checks the HTML code on your web page, then immediately shows the result.

Troubleshoot Twitter card problems

A Twitter debugger tool allows you to identify all Card-related problems and the source of the error. Some of the issues cited by the tools include invalid Card type, crawler blocking, invalid images, missing tags, and incorrect meta-data.

How to Debug and Preview Your Twitter Cards

Here are steps to follow when debugging and previewing your Twitter Cards.

1. Prepare your card

Before you move to the debugger tool, ensure you have created your Card with the correct Metadata like the Card type, description, title and image URLs. Confirm that everything is implemented properly.

Get the Twitter debugger tool

Access the tool on the Twitter validator website by simply searching “Twitter Card Validator”. You will find the official Twitter tool at the top of the search results.

Enter the Card URL

Enter the Card URL you want to validate into the designated field. The URL should be a specific page where the Card’s Metadata is implemented.

Click “Preview Card”

Click the “Preview Card” button to start the validation process.

Check the preview

The tool analyzes metadata on the provided Card URL and previews how your Card will look when you share it as a tweet. Have a detailed look to confirm that the Twitter Card displays correctly as expected.

Troubleshoot if required

The tool identifies problems, so you should check the error messages provided. The messages guide you on how to troubleshoot and fix the issues with the Card implementation.

Revalidate after fixing the issues

After doing all the required fixes or adjustments to the Metadata, re-enter the Twitter Card URL into the tool and click “Preview Card”. This validates the updated implementation and lets you see the adjusted preview.

4 Popular Twitter Debugger Tools

Several debugger tools can be used to validate and preview card URLs. These tools will help you compose tweets that bring high-level engagement and conversions. Here are some of the popular tweet composer Card validators.

Twitter Card Validator

Twitter Card Validator is a tool offered by Twitter to let you validate previews and see how your Twitter Cards will appear when you share them in your posts. It’s a simple tool whereby you need to enter the URL link of the Twitter Card into the card validator tool.
When you click the “preview Card” button, Twitter re-crawls your URL for updated Metadata. The log will display all the errors for you to make the necessary adjustments. It also shows a preview of your Card’s appearance in Twitter feeds.


OpenGraph is a great tool that lets you see how your website will appear on search engines and social media. The Open Graph Protocol is a set of tags used by sites to define a web page’s structure to make it easy to share on social media platforms such as Twitter. These tags help you to control your post’s appearance when shared on Twitter.
Twitter Cards use the same open graph protocol and make it easy to compose Cards without duplicating them. With the tool, your tweets stand out from others and let you create more content from your 140-character post. helps you to specify your post titles, images and description and the audience you want the tweets to reach. With the tool, you can make your posts more appealing by highlighting the most crucial information, making the right URL, and choosing a video or photo to be displayed on your Twitter feed.


TweetPik is another great Twitter debugger tool that enables you to design and share professional Twitter Cards. With the tool, you can compose several Twitter Cards at once, making it perfect for streamlining and automating processes for creating Cards for your posts. It allows you to create the Cards as JPG or PNG and customize your posts to suit your brand.
The tool features a Twitter quote maker that allows you to change your posts into more appealing and shareable ones. Copy your tweet URL, and the tool overlays your profile photo with your tweet text. TweetPik keeps your profile picture as a background as it is or edits it to make it more appealing to your audience.
TweetPik lets you customize the tweet by adjusting font color and size. You can also take screenshots of your tweets by copying and pasting your tweet URL into the tool. Your tweet will change into an attractive image you can edit and share with your audience.


Iframely provides a more efficient way to debug any URL against all sematic protocols through a single page. The tool understands URLs optimized for Twitter Cards to make them clickable by users. This also allows you to engage more with users using the URL.
The Twitter Cards and URL previews ensure that you validate your posts before releasing them for users to view or read in your timeline. Iframely helps you to easily change your Twitter Cards’ design to make them more appealing to your audience. You can easily change your Card design based on your settings.
Iframely iFrames allows you to quickly provide a unique media experience to your audience on all their devices. The rich media helps in resizing and fitting your Twitter Cards to make them more responsive to all devices.

Did Twitter Remove Previews from the Twitter Card Validator?

Yes. Twitter removed the preview functionality from the Twitter Card validator in August 2022. This was done because the display previews did not always align with how the Cards were displayed on various platforms.
If the validator states that it is unable to render card preview, this doesn’t mean that the Card has a problem. However, you can still perform the previews in the Tweet Composer.

Twitter Card Preview Tools

Twitter Card preview tools help you create posts and see how they will look on your Twitter feed. They allow you to quickly analyze how your links will appear with a Twitter Card when shared on Twitter and improve their appearance to make them more appealing and professional. This increases the likelihood of users clicking your links when they find them on Twitter.


Bannerbear helps you to auto-generate Twitter Cards in one to two seconds. The tool auto-generates beautiful Twitter Cards that make your posts more appealing to the target audience. It’s a data-driven application that scans all the data on the user’s site, makes stunning banners and posts them automatically.
The tool makes Twitter Cards more compelling by resizing the fonts wherever you have products in your post based on Twitter requirements. It allows you to customize all the Cards generated by changing logos, colors, fonts and others to match your brand identity.
Bannerbear enables you to reach your target audience by producing highly performing campaigns with dynamic Twitter Cards, banners, and product ratings. More importantly, the tool allows you to work in all languages so long as the writing/language system is compatible with the font in your posts.


RenderForm has features that help you create and preview Twitter Cards easily and quickly. The tool’s editor feature allows you to adjust the Cards as desired. It also has a Live Preview Mode that makes it easy for you to preview different variations of your Cards and text. This makes it easy for you to choose the look that will be more appealing and bring more engagement.
The tool can adjust your posts to fit the Card settings, helping you save time. RenderForm also makes it easy for you to generate Twitter Cards by allowing you to combine your data and design features to create several Card variations in seconds.

Top 3 Twitter Management Tools with Post Previews


SocialDog is an efficient Twitter management tool that allows you to perform several tasks in a single platform. The tool helps you streamline all your Twitter operations and increase engagement.
SocialDog has a wide range of features that enable you to achieve your objectives. You can plan your tweets and retweets well in advance and manage and view your posts with the calendar view.
The calendar management feature makes it easy to view and manage your scheduled posts in the calendar view. You will see how they appear and how your audience will view them when they are finally published. These previews let you see how your posts will appear on both mobile devices and computers.


Buffer is another great Twitter tool that allows you to compose powerful and engaging posts and threads in your account. The tool lets you preview your posts to ensure they are appealing and reach maximum reach. You can also save the tweets and schedule to post them later.
You can connect multiple accounts depending on which plan you have subscribed to. The tool enables you to create posts using the Buffer composer. The composer has several features that let you create highly engaging posts with ease and speed.
The tool can import media from OneDrive, Google, Dropbox, and other sources, as well as create images with Canva integration. You can also add GIFs from Giphy.
Buffer shows you a preview of your posts while you type, or you can save your posts and have another person preview before you publish. This allows you to visualize your posts to find out if they appear how you want them before publishing them.


Hootsuite is a Twitter management tool created to help grow your following, save time, and drive results on your Twitter campaign. The tool has several features that allow you to manage your tweets and make them more appealing to your audience.
Hootsuite’s composer displays a preview of your post, letting you see how others will see it. You can also preview links, which is necessary because previews are accurate, but some elements are only finalized by Twitter or other social networks when your post is published. Hootsuite lets you understand link review results on all your social marketing networks.
Images also publish different results based on social networks because each applies different optimization algorithms to images. The composer preview on Hootsuite helps optimize your images to look their best on Twitter. It helps in image resizing, cropping, scaling and reformatting to ensure they look their best for improved engagement.

Preview Your Tweets with a Powerful All-in-one Twitter Tool

Previewing your tweets before posting ensures you know how they will appear on your Twitter feed. It allows you to have a glimpse of how your audience will see your posts. This assures you that your posts have an appealing look that will increase engagement.
You should use a powerful all-in-one Twitter tool to get the best previews of your posts. SocialDog helps you have a preview of all your tweets before posting. This allows you to see how other users view the tweets on their mobile devices or computer.
With the tool, you can plan your tweets and retweets with scheduled posts to publish them at a later date. The tool also lets you manage and view your tweets with the calendar view.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing


SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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