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How a Twitter Social Monitoring Tool Improves Your Growth

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/9/4 Update date :2024/1/18

Staying on top of your audience conversations about your brand, topics, or competitors helps create a more successful campaign. Social listening provides insights into your audience’s perception of your brand. Read on to learn how Twitter social monitoring tool helps make informed decisions to boost your growth.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is monitoring audience feedback and brand mentions. It involves tracking discussions about specific topics, keywords, or competitors. Twitter social listening tools can help you gain insights, analyze data, and act accordingly.

Why is Social Listening Important?

Social listening ensures you don’t make assumptions regarding your customer needs by allowing you to listen to their opinions. Other reasons include:

Interact with your audience more effectively

People like to feel heard and have their concerns addressed in a timely manner. Social listening helps you better understand your audience and give responses that offer real value. This encourages them to engage with your content and become your loyal customers.

Tailor your brand

Listening to social media conversations offers insights into people’s likes and dislikes. This helps you customize your brand to improve customer satisfaction and forge more meaningful relationships.

Help make data-driven decisions

With data on audience preferences, competitor insights, and market trends, you can make data-driven decisions aligning with your brand goals and creating a stronger customer base.

Gain a competitive edge

Monitoring audience response towards your brand and competitors helps you identify new opportunities and areas to improve. It also enables you to respond proactively to customer changes and market trends.

Protect your brand

Social listening helps you detect potential problems early and stay updated on the sentiments surrounding your brand. This allows you to address misinformation or negative feedback, safeguarding your reputation.

How to Perform Social Listening on Twitter

You can use different listening techniques to create products or services that better align with audience wants and needs. Perform social listening with the following methods.

Twitter Lists

Creating a Twitter list is a perfect way to boost your social listening. Lists can track customers, competitors, and influencers, and keep you up to date on.
You can find your niche’s most innovative organizations and people under a Thought Leaders list. The feed keeps you updated on the latest innovations in your industry and offers inspiration on how to be more creative.
A staff directory Twitter list allows your employees to engage by sharing relevant information back and forth. The list helps you listen to their views, make announcements, and motivate them.
A competitor list helps you closely analyze your competitors and follow their campaign strategy. You listen to what your audiences say about your competitors to understand the market better. The list also helps you learn from their mistakes and be inspired by their successes.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces help you gather audience feedback about your brand. The live conversations allow you to communicate and engage with your audience in real-time during the feedback sessions.
If you are launching a new product or service, you can get instant feedback and act quickly. You also have an opportunity to nurture the relationship with your key audience.
Twitter Spaces allow you to discuss trending topics such as destinations, launches, big brand moments, or events with your audience. This helps you keep up with the trends and remain relevant in your industry.

Advanced Search

Twitter’s advanced search lets you zero in on your audience’s concerns or questions and act on them. It also helps you find ideas for content based on what your audience is saying.
The advanced search feature lets you perform sentiment analysis by searching for positive responses regarding your brand. The search reveals those who share positive experiences with your brand to engage and boost your relationship with them.
You can also see what other people say about your competitors and how your competitors respond. Perform an advanced search to find posts mentioning your top competitors and analyze them to know why people like or dislike them.

Twitter Management Tools

Twitter management tools offer a more efficient way to listen on Twitter. They can help you track millions of hashtags, conversations, industry trends, and keywords. The tools filter posts about your brand and extract audience insights that let you optimize your campaign strategy and boost your customer experience.
They have filters that offer precise details on your topics and help identify positive and negative comments about your brand. They also help you know what people say about your competitors to know the areas to improve and the opportunities to gain an edge.
Tools can help you find influencers to engage with and discuss collaboration opportunities in your niche. This helps build a more vibrant brand image online.

What are Social Listening Tools?

Social listening tools help track, monitor, and analyze Twitter conversations in one platform. They keep you updated on what your audience says about your brand or industry. They track mentions featuring specific keywords, brand names, hashtags, and phrases.
Most tools let you post directly from their dashboard. You can gain insights into exactly what your audience thinks about your brand and what they think about your competitors. Ready-to-use data can be used to boost your campaign and uncover market trends.
In addition, some tools allow you to integrate other social media accounts so you see all your analytics in one place.

The Best Tools for Social Listening on Twitter

Social listening tools provide a more efficient way to engage and learn what your audience wants. You gain insights based on the responses given about your brand and that of your competitors. Here are some effective social listening tools to use.


SocialDog helps with your social listening needs with its advanced search functionality. It lets you filter tweets and then act on them immediately. The tool displays all tweets with specific keywords you choose and notifies you through Slack or email.
The tool also displays all tweets mentioning your account or URL positively or negatively, allowing you to act upon them. The 15 sorting criteria let you discover and connect with the highest valued or those you interact with more. The 34 advanced filters help you create custom filters and show the account to interact with based on their responsiveness towards your brand.
SocialDog’s sentiment analysis feature also helps you gauge how your brand is perceived online through replies, likes, mentions, and more. The understanding enables you to tweak or improve your campaign to influence your audience’s decisions and perceptions.
SocialDog has 3 plans:
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month


Brand24 lets you understand what people say about your brand, competitors, and trending topics. It collects all your brand mentions so you can take the appropriate action in real-time, interacting with your audience directly from within Brand24.
Brand24 displays a Discussion Volume Chart that lets you see increases in mentions and identify if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. A sentiment analysis feature indicates whether the mentions are neutral, positive, or negative.
Brand24 also features an influencer score to help you interact with top industry performers.
Brand24 has 4 paid plans running in price from around $99 to $499/month.


You can use Awario to track competitors and brand mentions. It uses predictive insights to collect potential customers asking for recommendations about products or services you offer or seeking an alternative to your competition.
Awario performs real-time analytics and A.I social listening with real-time updates of the people talking about your brand. It has a reach feature showing the number of people conversing about a trending topic or your brand.
The tool also provides an influencer report displaying the top influencers talking about your business, competitors, or niche. This helps you interact with influencers to increase your brand’s online exposure.
Awario’s social listening feature enables you to track keywords in all languages, which allows you to manage a global presence in a single app.
The tool has filters that help you categorize sentiments based on goals. For example, if your goal is reputation management, you can filter the negative mentions to act on them quickly because they pose a great threat to your brand reputation.
Awario has 3 paid plans priced from around $29 to $249/month.

Sprout Social

Sprout social listening monitors Twitter conversations about your brand, campaigns, current events, and competitors. The tool sifts through millions of data points to discover insights relevant to your brand.
It helps you discover your audience’s preferences and feelings toward your campaign, products, services, or topics. This ensures you are updated on the latest industry trends and find new opportunities. In addition, you discover thought leaders and top influencers leading the conversations so you understand who to engage to grow your brand.
Sprout Social allows you to create custom alerts to notify you of an anticipated brand crisis. This gives you enough time to solve it before damaging your online reputation.
Sprout Social has 4 paid plans from around $249 to $500/month.

Start Listening with an All-in-one Twitter Tool

Twitter social listening is an effective way to ensure you satisfy your audience’s needs. It lets you know how your audience perceives your brand and competitors. Understanding this helps you make the improvements necessary to remain competitive
SocialDog helps your Twitter social listening needs by identifying your brand mentions, your audience’s feelings towards your brand and competitors, and your engagement. The tool offers reliable data in real-time to allow you to act quickly to maintain your brand performance and reputation.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing


SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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