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How to Find Out Who Blocked You on Twitter

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/5/19 Update date :2023/6/1

You should aim to gain more followers and maintain them in your Twitter campaign. When followers block you, it shows your campaign isn’t on the right track. Read on to learn how to see who has blocked you.

Can You See Who Blocked You on Twitter?

There is no way to search for Twitter accounts blocking you, but you can see whether a specific account has blocked you. If they have blocked you, you won’t be able to follow them, see their followers and following list, like, comments or send them a direct message.

Does Twitter Notify You When Somebody Blocks You?

Twitter doesn’t give any indication or notification when someone blocks you.

Why Would You Want to See Who Blocked You on Twitter?

When a user blocks you, you don’t see their posts meaning their tweets don’t appear in your feed.If you notice an account is blocking you, check whether you share the same interests and audience with them.

If several users in a certain demographic or location are blocking you, it may suggest that your content doesn’t resonate with them. If they are your target audience, you may need to change your content strategy.

How to Find Out if Someone Blocked You

Twitter doesn’t offer a direct way to determine if a user has blocked you, but you can do it manually using the following methods.

Enter The URL for Their Profile

You can know if a Twitter user has blocked you by going to their profile link URL. If a user has blocked you, their profile will show that they have blocked you and won’t be able to view any content on, or details about, their account.

Search for Their Profile Name With a Different Account

If you suspect a certain user has blocked you, you can confirm this using another account. Here are the steps to follow:
Log into your alternate account.
Search for the user you think blocked you.
Copy their profile URL, switch to your account and paste the URL to see if they have blocked you. If they have blocked you, their account won’t appear in the search results.
If they have blocked you, you will see ”@username blocked you” instead of their profile.
Repeat the process for all the users you think blocked you.

Is There an App That Lists Who Blocked You?

No, there isn’t an app that lists users who blocked you.

Check Your List of Unfollowers to See Who Blocked You

You can determine users who blocked using a third-party app that shows who has unfollowed you. Go down the list and click on each profile to see whether they’ve blocked you or not.
If you notice multiple people unfollowing and/or blocking you around the same time, check which of your tweets coincide with that time frame. You might be able to identify content that prompted the blocks and unfollows.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Twitter?

To block a user, go to their profile, choose the three vertical dots beside the Follow/Following button, and choose Block. When you block a user, the following things happen.

You Don’t See Their Tweets (Unless You Want To)

When you block a user, their tweets don’t appear in your feed. However, you might see them mentioned in your followers’ tweets.

You Can’t Follow Them

You cannot follow a user you have blocked, and they cannot follow you too. If you want to follow them again, you should first unblock them.

They Automatically Unfollow You

When you block a user, you unfollow them, and they unfollow you automatically. Twitter removes the accounts you block from your follower list.

They Can’t See Your Profile

If you block an account, they won’t see your profile. However, if you have a public Twitter account, the blocked user can log out of their account and see your public profile.

They Can’t See Your Tweets

A blocked user won’t see your tweets when logged in to their account unless you mention them in your tweets. Keep in mind, they can still view your tweets if they have other accounts that you haven’t blocked.

They Can’t Follow, Tag, or DM You

When you block an account, you restrict their ability to DM or follow you, or tag you in a photo.

They Can’t Find You in Search

If you block an account, they won’t find you in search even if they use your exact name.

Conclusion: A Twitter Tool With Follower Analytics Can Help Find Who Blocked You

Using a Twitter analytics tool will help avoid the hassle of manually checking who has blocked you from your follower list. A tool with a follower analytics feature can help you know who has blocked you quickly. You can use the tools to check the accounts that follow and unfollow you on the dashboard.
SocialDog is a top-notch Twitter analytics tool to help you find who blocked you. The tool provides data that gives insights about your account status, including the account you follow and your followers.
SocialDog offers follower acquisition analytics showing the number of followers and those who followed and unfollowed you within a certain period. This saves you the time of manually going through your list to see who unfollowed or blocked you.
SocialDog is available in 4 plans:
Lite Free
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month
To perform follower analytics with all the features provided, sign up for a free trial of SocialDog’s Business plan!

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