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Why Twitter Analytics Demographics Matter

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/5/25 Update date :2023/6/1

Your success on Twitter depends on how well you understand your audience. And Twitter analytics demographics help you create more targeted campaigns that bring higher level engagement. Read on to learn more about the demographics and why they’re important.

What are Demographics in Twitter Analytics?

Demographics in Twitter analytics refer to information about your audience, including their interests, lifestyle, gender, location, age, and more. The Twitter analytics follower reports tell you more about who’s engaging with your content.

Why are Twitter Demographics Important?

Twitter follower demographics are critical because they give you an in-depth understanding of your audience. They help you appreciate and leverage variables like gender, age, location, interests, and more. This data is crucial because it enables you to create tweets that resonate with your audience and boost your engagement.
Twitter audience insights let you know the location of your audience, so you can post when they’re online to increase your reach and impressions.
Looking at your Twitter follower demographics helps you determine whether your followers are relevant to your campaign so you can plan a more efficient and effective campaign.

What Demographics Can You See With Twitter Analytics?

When beginning your campaign, you should have a specific target audience in mind. The success of your efforts depends on whether you reach (and keep) your audience. And understanding demographics is a key to that success. Here are some follower demographics you can see with Twitter analytics.


Knowing your audience’s location is more critical if you are running a targeted campaign or your campaign aims to reach people in different countries.


It’s important to know the age of your audience to curate posts that resonate with them. For example, if your campaign targets an audience between 18-40 years, your posts should contain language and topics that suit this age group. However, if you find that those who engage more with your posts are between 40 – 50, you should reevaluate your content strategy.


Twitter analytics let you know how your posts resonate among different genders. If your brand targets men, it should be men who engage the most with your content. If you find women engaging more with your content, you should change your tweet strategy.

How to Use Twitter Analytics Follower Demographics

Twitter analytics follower demographics are important because they give insights about specific aspects of your audience that help you create a more targeted campaign. Demographics such as age, gender, location, interests, and others can help you curate content resonating with your audience to have a more active following. Here are some ways you can use Twitter analytics follower demographics.

Schedule Tweets Based on the Location of Your Followers

You can increase retweets, clicks, and comments if you schedule your tweets when your audiences are most active and online. The data is more important if you target audiences in different countries. By knowing the location of your audience, you will schedule your tweets to better reach the audience based on a certain time zone.

Tweet About Events Near Your Followers

Knowing your audience’s location lets you tweet about events near them. You will have a more targeted campaign because you tweet about events focusing on your audience’s location. Your audience will have more interest in your tweets because you tweet about events that concern them and in which they can participate. This increases the likelihood of them engaging with your tweet in different ways.

Write Targeted Tweets for a Specific Audience

When you know the specifics of your audience, such as their interests, gender, location, and others, you will be able to write more targeted tweets. You will post content that interests them, making it easy to engage with your tweets.

Best Tools for Leveraging Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics provide data you can use to take your campaign to the next level. It’s important to look for the best way to perform the analytics to get the most accurate data you can rely on. To perform the analytics quickly, there are various tools you can use. You should use a Twitter analytics app that provides accurate insights based on the metrics you analyze. Here are the best Twitter analytics tools to use.


SocialDog is a top-notch tool that helps with all your Twitter needs, including analytics, account management, and automation. It helps boost your Twitter marketing efficiency and engagement with your audience. You can use it for your individual or company Twitter management needs.
SocialDog allows for easy Twitter analytics by providing data on all the metrics with easy to understand graphs and charts on its dashboard. The data provided gives you an accurate overview of your account performance. For example, follower acquisition analytics lets you know your account growth in terms of followers.
The tool allows you to see the number of new followers and those who have unfollowed you within a specific period. You also get information on the duration your followers have been following you. SocialDog also provides data on your followers’ demographics, including their location, names, and interests.
The tool has a tweet analytics feature that lets you see your tweets’ performance. It enables you to analyze your tweet engagements in terms of likes, mentions, replies, and retweets. You will find the engagement brought by each tweet. SocialDog allows you to analyze the tweet by the time of the day, whereby you can see their engagement time of the day every week. Furthermore, you can also analyze tweets featuring videos or images through the media analytics feature.
SocialDog has 4 plans:
Lite: Free
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month
Sign up for the 7-day free trial to try all the features.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers Twitter analytics with in-depth insights into your account presence by breaking down your account engagement and content. With the tool, you will determine your best Twitter posts depending on the likes, clicks, mentions, and retweets they receive. It also helps to analyze your tweets to know the ones that are more promotional or conversational to allow you to reach new followers and grow your audience.
The tool allows you to perform competitor analysis by comparing your account performance with theirs using the Twitter comparison report provided. Sprout Social also helps you analyze your Twitter followers. It gives a demographic breakdown that allows you to know your content’s reach so that you can curate your posts to have a higher reach.
Sprout Social lets you find the trending topics, hashtags, and keywords mentioned more with your account. This allows you to use them on your tweets for improved reach, mention, and engagement. The tool also provides a customizable look into your follower growth during a specified period.
SproutSocialhas 4 plans:
Standard: $249/month
Professional: $399/month
Advanced: $499/month
Enterprise: Contact for pricing
Sign up for the 30-day free trial to try all the features.


CircleBoom is another great Twitter analytics tool you can use to get reliable insights about your account performance. The tool offers Twitter follower analysis, giving you more insights about your followers. It lets you discover fake accounts, spammers, new followers, and non-followers. It also allows you to analyze your follower activities and provide data that lets you know the best tweet to boost your engagement.
The tool has a gender feature that gives insights into your follower’s gender details. This allows you to create relevant posts based on gender to increase your engagement. CircleBoom also provides tweet statistics on graphs that make it easy for you to analyze the performance of your tweets. The tool also provides Twitter Language Stats that give you insights into the language mostly used by your followers. The data provided allows you to plan your tweets based on the major language used by your audience.
CircleBoom offers a Twitter interest targeting feature that provides data on your audience’s interests. These deep insights let you know what your followers discuss to curate tweets that meet their interests. The tool also provides an interest cloud graph that allows you to understand your followers and their interests.
CircleBoom has 4 plans:
Pro: $15.99/month
Premium: $34.99/month
Business: $79.99/month
Enterprise: $149.99/month
Sign up for the 14-day free trial to try all the features.

Conclusion: Target Demographics With a Professional Twitter Tool

Demographics are critical to your Twitter success, as they give you in-depth knowledge about your audience and help you create content that suits them. Therefore, you should use the best professional tool to get reliable Twitter analytics follower demographics.
SocialDog provides data that offers you great insights into your audience’s demographics, helping you create tweets that resonate with them. With daily demographic reports, you can rely on SocialDog for your day-to-day Twitter management.

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