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Top Ways To Perform Twitter Analytics on Mobile

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/5/28 Update date :2023/6/1

Are you always on the move? Twitter analytics mobile apps offer a convenient way to track and analyze your account while on the go. Read on to learn more about how to perform Twitter analytics on your mobile device.

How to Check Twitter Analytics on Mobile

Twitter analytics provide insights into your account performance and presence. The analytics help measure your Twitter engagement and understand how to make your campaign more successful. You get insights about your audience’s locations, interests, and other demographics. If you spend most of the time on the go, here are some ways to get Twitter analytics on your mobile.

Use the Official Twitter Mobile App

The official Twitter mobile app lets you access your account on your tablet or smartphone. You can perform some analytics, but the app is geared more toward reading and tweeting.

Twitter Analytics on iPhone

The analytics feature in Twitter’s iOS app gives insights into the number of people who view, retweet, or click on a link. Here are steps on how to check Twitter analytics on iPhone.
Launch the Twitter app
Click on one of your tweets
At the bottom of each tweet, tap “View Tweet activity”
A new screen opens with information about that tweet, such as impressions, engagements and profile visits

Twitter Analytics on Android

Here are steps on how to check Twitter analytics on Android.
Launch the Twitter app
Click on the tweet you want to analyze.
At the bottom of the tweet, click on “View Tweet Activity.”
You will see all your tweet metrics on this page, including the number of people who viewed and engaged with it. You also see their interaction with the tweet, including likes, retweets, and replies.

Use Twitter in a Mobile Browser

You can access more detailed Twitter analytics about your account by using a mobile browser on You will see a 28-day summary with all your account metrics, including the number of tweet impressions, profile visits, and followers.

Use a Twitter Analytics Tool

A Twitter analytics mobile app helps you analyze and track your metrics and get insights on your account performance. Twitter analytics tools have features that track metrics such as followers, profile visits, tweets’ reach, impressions, mentions, likes, replies, and audience insights. They collect data for a specified period and present it in charts or graphs. You can download and install the tools on your mobile device or use them on your mobile browsers.

How to Check Twitter Audience Insights

Twitter audience insights provide valuable data about your followers and those who have interacted with your tweets, such as interests, locations, age, and more.
These insights help create powerful content that resonates with your audience. They can help boost your Twitter impressions, likes, replies, retweets, and other engagements. The insights also help you determine new audiences to target in your campaign. Here are ways to check your Twitter audience insights.

Native Twitter Analytics

Native Twitter Analytics lets you get insights into your account performance, but no longer offers the audience insights feature it had before.
NativeTwitter Analytics gives you a 28-day summary with data about your account performance. The dashboard shows you the number of profile visits, tweet impressions, and new followers. You can also find how your videos have performed within a specified period in terms of views and completion rate.

Third-Party Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter analytics apps can help you get more in-depth audience insights. The tools can provide you with data that offer insights about your audience demographics, such as interests, gender, location, language, among others. The apps have features that allow you to have an accurate and clearer picture of the performance of your targeted Twitter campaign.

The 5 Best Twitter Analytics Mobile Apps

Twitter analytics apps let you better understand your audience and what they do when interacting with your account. These apps have robust features that track and analyze your account to offer in-depth insights to allow you to have a successful campaign. You can use different tools in your campaign depending on your Twitter analytics goals. Here are the best Twitter analytics apps to use.


SocialDog is the best mobile Twitter analytics app to track your account’s online performance and presence. You can use SocialDog’s mobile app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.
SocialDog’s mobile app provides easy-to-understand performance graphs that let you know your account’s status daily. The tool also offers long term analytics that lets you know your account status over a long period of time.
Follower analytics enable you to understand your account growth in terms of followers gained and lost.You can also see your follower retention rate data, which is crucial for long-term success.
SocialDog’s mobile dashboard provides an audience insights feature that allows you to learn more about your followers’ interests and backgrounds. You can check their locations, names, and other descriptions that help you create content that resonates with them.
SocialDog’s tweet analytics show your tweet performance in terms of mentions, retweets, likes, and engagement rates on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the dashboard displays the engagement rate of content featuring videos and images through media analytics.
SocialDog has 4 plans:
Lite: Free
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month
Sign up for the 7-day free trial to try all the features.


Buffer helps track and analyze your Twitter performance and provides easy-to-understand reports on your mobile device. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.
Buffer’s mobile dashboard displays a 28 day summary of your account performance. It provides a summary table, posts insights table, and hashtag performance table. The post insights table shows your tweets, excluding replies and retweets, and their impressions.
The social listening feature enables you to monitor RSS feeds, brand mentions, and keywords. The app also tracks hashtags that can help boost your account engagement. Buffer recommends hashtags for your tweets to increase engagement, reach, and retweets.
Buffer has 4 plans:
Essentials: $6/month
Team: $12/month
Agency: $120/month


Twitonomy is one of the easiest Twitter analytics tools to use. Simply sign in with your Twitter account for the analytics. Twitonomy’s mobile app allows you to perform Twitter analytics on iOS and Android devices.
Twitonomy’s mobile app displays the most important metrics, such as your popular tweets, engagement metrics, and the best time and day to tweet for a better reach. It also tracks your profile data, including followers, following, and your profile growth. You’ll also get other valuable data, such as a breakdown of tweets by hours and days in a week.
Another great feature is that the mobile tool allows you to compare two Twitter accounts. This feature enables you to monitor your competitors’ accounts to determine what they are doing better than you. With Twitonomy, you can analyze your performance using predefined keywords and hashtags.
Twitonomy has 2 plans
1 month single payment: $19
Monthly subscription: $19/month


Circleboom is another great Twitter analytic app to use on your mobile device. You can download Circleboom for iOS but there is currently no app for Android. However, you can still use the web app, which is highly responsive on small screens.
Circleboom’s mobile app offers Twitter follower analytics showing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual follower growth statistics. The app also provides you with the best time to tweet graphs, based on the time when most of your followers are online, to enable your tweets to get maximum engagement and impression.
The mobile app has a Twitter audience insight feature that lets you determine non-followers and those who have unfollowed you. It also enables you to learn gender statistics and language distributions of your followers in a single graph.
Circleboom has 4 features:
Pro: $15.99/month
Premium: $34.99/month
Business: $79.99/month
Enterprise: $149.99/month


Keyhole’s mobile app lets you track your Twitter account performance on your Android and iPhone. The tool has dashboards with easy to understand data that enables you to make informed decisions about your Twitter campaign.
The tool has keyword listing and hashtag features, making it easy to track conversations in your industry. This lets you know the trending conversations and hashtags to apply to your campaign. You also get demographics such as their locations, age, gender, and languages.
Keyhole’s account analysis tool enables you to track and optimize postings, content, and schedule. The tools let you discover the most effective content that resonates with your audience based on engagement rates.
With the Keyhole mobile app, you can also perform competitive analysis. It lets you analyze strategies applied by your competitors and monitor their account growth.
Keyhole has 3 plans:
SMB & Freelancers: $79/month
Corporate: 239/month
Agency: $479/month

Conclusion: Use a Dedicated Twitter Tool for Analytics On the Go

To get accurate Twitter analytics data while on the go, use a dedicated tool on your mobile device. Choosing a tool with audience insights and other data will help boost your account performance.
SocialDog is the most reliable Twitter analytics app that offers in-depth audience insights, enabling you to create a Twitter campaign that resonates with your audience. The tool allows you to know your audience demographics, such as locations, interests, gender, languages, and more.
Sign up for the free trial of SocialDog’s business plan to enjoy all these features and benefits.

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