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How to Master X (Twitter) Analytics: An Ultimate Guide

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/7/13 Update date :2023/12/18

Growing your Twitter profile, gaining valuable insights, and increasing engagement rates don’t happen overnight – unless your last name is Kardashian. Twitter Analytics can help you understand your audience and identify which content drives engagement.
If you find analytics daunting, this guide explains how to leverage Twitter Analytics to boost your marketing efforts. It covers the types of Twitter Analytics and the best tools you need to stay competitive.

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is a toolkit for tracking and analyzing the performance of your Twitter account. You can access a variety of valuable insights with this feature, ranging from audience engagement to content reach to follower demographics to tweet metrics.
This will allow you to understand who your audience is, when they are most active, and what kind of content they prefer to consume.
Through these insights, businesses and individuals can understand their audience’s preferences, behaviors, and interests. As a result, they help you decide which type of content to produce, whom to target, and how to optimize it.
If you want to keep growing organically on social media, pay close attention to analytics as the platform becomes saturated with users, brands, and content creators. Understanding these insight numbers will help you create content that resonates and set KPIs that are informed, regardless of whether you’re monitoring your brand’s Twitter account or a campaign.

Is Twitter Analytics Free?

Yes, it is completely free. Twitter Analytics is Twitter’s free native analytics solution, which provides insights into your account’s reach, engagement, followers, and Twitter ads. There are also a few free third-party tools available.
These third-party tools provide more detailed analytics, including analytics for campaigns and individual tweets. They can also get you statistics faster than Twitter’s native Analytics, and provide a more comprehensive view.
While free tools offer the best functionality for some, there are some limitations, which make them less suitable for serious social marketers.

How to Access Twitter Analytics

It’s time to put our learning into practice and learn how to access Twitter Analytics. Here are 3 effective ways to get you started:

In a Web Browser

For convenient analytics access, Twitter Analytics in a web browser is your best option. It provides insights about your audience, tweets, engagement, and more by giving you a quick overview of your account.
You can view your Twitter page Analytics by clicking on “More” from the left sidebar, and then navigating to Creator Studio and selecting Analytics.
When you launch Twitter Analytics, you get a 28-day summary of your Twitter account along with a breakdown of top mentions and top followers. It contains all the basics: impressions, profile views, mentions, followers, and likes. Twitter’s data is reliable and available at any time to analyze your monthly performance and find areas for improvement.

On Mobile

When accessing analytics on mobile, you can only have access to individual post analytics. To see how your posts have performed, you can simply check all the posts that you find relevant.
Click the right figure in the lower menu, under the post, to see mobile Twitter Analytics for your posts.
You are then taken to a new page where you can see how many people have liked, commented, retweeted, viewed, and engaged with your profile.
Additionally, you can see that users have expanded your tweet to read the entire post. It indicates that they are interested in your content and that your work is worthwhile.

Using Third-Party Tools

To access Twitter’s full potential, a third-party Twitter analytics tool is a must. These tools offer advanced data and insights, but they are usually a bit pricey. Your most suitable option is to use an all-in-one tool.
Unlike Native Twitter Analytics, they can provide things like sentiment analysis, social media reach, top public profiles, share of voice, influence score, presence score, customizable reports, and much more.

Navigating the Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Getting started with Twitter Analytics is quite simple to use, just log into your Twitter account and select More > Creator Studio > Analytics. You’ll then be redirected to the dashboard, where you can view analytics.
Twitter Analytics dashboards are divided into three main sections – “Home,” “Tweets,” and “More.”
The first thing you’ll see when accessing analytics is the overview section. By monitoring the following Twitter KPIs, you can see how your page’s performance has changed over the last month:
Tweet impressions
Profile visits
Your top tweet’s highlight can provide useful insight into the direction you should explore further in your content, while your top mention can help you determine who to collaborate with in the future.
You can find here 3 important metrics that will reveal how well your Twitter marketing campaign is doing – the engagement rate, impressions, and engagements for each tweet. A dashboard will also show you your most popular tweets, promoted tweets, and replies.
The tweet Analytics report displays 28-days of data by default, but you can select a specific month or period of time to display the data. You can generate reports by selecting “Export data” from the top menu and choosing how you want your information to be included – per tweet or per day.
With social media becoming increasingly video-focused these days, Twitter Analytics provides a dashboard dedicated to evaluating video content.

Types of Twitter Analytics

There are plenty of analytics tools out there that can gather and crunch metrics for you. Twitter Analytics, the in-platform tool, is a good place to start. With graphs, dashboards, metrics, and visualizations, it’s the most comprehensive social media analytics tool out there.
As with any analytics, if you don’t have context, you’re just looking at a pile of numbers. Identifying your most important metrics, tracking them, and understanding what the data means for your business is crucial.
Essentially, there are 3 types of Twitter Analytics, which are all accessible through your dashboard:

Tweet-level analytics

It shows how well individual tweets are performing in terms of engagement, such as likes, retweets, and replies. Also, you can check out the analytics for another account.

Profile-level analytics

Using these analytics, you can see how much engagement your profile is getting from your followers and audiences, such as impressions, clicks, and reach. Moreover, it provides you with their demographic information, including their age, gender, and location.

Advertising metrics

It tracks how paid Twitter tweets or ads perform, letting you examine metrics such as cost per engagement, cost per click, and return on ad spend.

How to Get a Twitter Analytics Reports

A Twitter Analytics report compiles the actions and behaviors audiences take when they interact with your posts — likes, clicks, follows, and expands — and breaks them down so you can keep track of Twitter performance. Even if you log into the account every day, a Twitter Analytics report gives you a bird’s eye view that helps you put numbers to your understanding.
There are two ways to get Twitter Analytics reports:

Free native tool

In a browser, click More > Creator Studio > Analytics. On the right corner of the page, click the Export data button under the Tweets tab. Choose between CSV and XLS files to export the data. In the tool’s report, you can see metrics such as tweet impressions, profile visits, followers, conversion tracking, and media performance.

These tools are equipped with different features that allow them to provide accurate data in a report. Different Twitter tools provide different metrics about the performance of your tweets, follower growth, profile visits, demographics, and audience insights.

The 3 Best Twitter Analytics Tools

Now that you have learned about the different types of Twitter analytics and metrics. It’s time to invest in some high-quality tools. Third-party Twitter analytics tools are abundant, but only a small handful are reliable, so here are 3 of the best you should try:


SocialDog is an all-in-one Twitter analytics tool that offers valuable features that make it easy to analyze Twitter data. Its feature-rich dashboard provides a clear overview of data in real time, allowing you to keep track of tweets, retweets, followers, mentions, hashtags, likes, and more.
Keeping tabs on your audience and account performance throughout the day is easy with this tool. Besides working on Android, iPhone, and the web, it’s multi-account friendly too.
SocialDog offers the following exceptional features:
Scheduling Twitter posts is an easy task.
Audience demographics are readily available.
Custom CSV reports can be generated based on your exact specifications.
Smarter tracking of your posts, mentions, tweets, retweets, hashtags, and more.
Receive a daily report on followers, unfollowers, and account performance via email and desktop notifications.
Keep and Hidden list feature allows you to separate users from being accidentally unfollowed and hiding users.
Lite+: $12/month
Pro: $59/month
Business: $120/month

<a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular tool for social media management and social listening. Aside from basic analytics, it boasts tools for social media scheduling, keyword and hashtag monitoring, content curation, and team management.
Hootsuite provides a dashboard overview of basic Twitter metrics. Using the free account, you can manage two Twitter accounts and schedule 5 posts. Additionally, you can build unlimited reports, which can be exported in multiple formats. Keeping track of how fast team members respond to brand mentions is an essential feature.
In addition, Hootsuite offers many add-ons from other data providers, some of which are free, but most of which require a monthly subscription.
Based on user-selected parameters, Hootsuite allows users to create separate listening streams for each social media network.
Professional: $23.30/month
Team: $91.75/month
Business: $547.57/month
Enterprise: Custom

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another great tool that offers a full suite of social media management tools. With its tools, you can track analytics, engage with your audience, publish, listen, collaborate, and automate.
Sprout Social provides analytics dashboards that include engagement, task performance, messages, top-performing tweets, trends, comparisons, keyword reporting, and more. You can combine messages from all major social profiles in the Smart Inbox.
Its data reporting tool is also quite comprehensive. For easy sharing, you can brand these reports with your logo. The tool provides a live feed of brand mentions, user sentiment, and geolocations based on specific keywords or users.
Standard: $249/month
Professional: $399/month
Advanced: $499/month
Enterprise: Contact us for pricing

Conclusion: Get the Most From Twitter Analytics with a Powerful Twitter Tool

This concludes our ultimate guide to Twitter Analytics. For businesses and influencers looking to maximize their Twitter presence, analytics are vital. By tracking and analyzing key metrics, you can gain valuable insights, narrow down your target audience, and maximize your Twitter presence like never before.
However, the data becomes meaningful only if your Twitter tool can reliably gauge your tweet performance, audience preferences, trend analysis, competitor analysis, and compile all of this into an easily digestible report.
SocialDog is a simple and effective tool for improving all aspects of your digital presence through advanced analytics.

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