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How Twitter Management Tools Improve Your Account Growth

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/7/31 Update date :2024/1/11

Efficient Twitter management helps you increase engagement and attain your goals quickly. Managing your account manually is time-consuming, but Twitter management tools can automate much of the process. Read on to learn how the tools boost your account growth.

What is a Twitter Management Tool?

Twitter management tools have features that make it easier to manage your account compared to managing it manually. These include posting, scheduling, engaging with your audience, analyzing data, and generating reports on your account performance.

How Twitter Management Tools Help Grow Your Account

Twitter tools can help you grow your account in the following ways:

Respond quickly to replies, mentions and DMs

One of the greatest challenges in running a Twitter account is the high number of tweets you must manage. Twitter tools make it easy for you to quickly respond and track replies, DMs, comments and mentions, leading to more interactions, automated replies and engagement with your audience.

Build relations with the audience

Building a strong relationship with your audience can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a way to track your efforts. A Twitter management tool makes it easy for you to know your followers, to manage Twitter lists and the kind of engagement you have with them.
Tools can show you the number of times someone has retweeted, mentioned, or messaged you. This lets you prioritize and strengthen certain relationships by joining conversations with your dedicated followers. You can also create strategies to improve relationships with those who interact less with your account.

Track and analyze your performance

Twitter management tools provide insights into your followers’ activities to let you know the best time to post and engage with them. Twitter analytics reports show your account performance, including engagement rates, followers gained and lost within a certain period, and other metrics that let you know where your account stands. The data provided lets you identify areas to improve to boost your performance and growth.

4 Key Types of Twitter Management Tools

Managing different aspects of your account requires much time and effort. You can choose the best Twitter management software to simplify your work based on your activity. Twitter admin tools have different features that make it possible to perform various actions on a single platform. Below are the major types of Twitter tools.

Twitter List Management Tools

Creating, managing and analyzing Twitter lists enable you to leverage your brand on Twitter. Twitter list management tools ensure that your Twitter lists work for you. They allow you to categorize your followers and help save time identifying their posts from your Twitter feed by creating lists. The tools ensure you don’t miss important posts from your ardent followers.
You can effectively and quickly add your followers to lists in bulk. Most of these tools offer a guide on how to create and manage your Twitter lists. You can search for users by hashtags or keywords in their tweets. When you get related accounts you share the same hashtags or keywords, you can add them to the existing list or create a new list.
In addition, you can also create a special Twitter list for your unique followers, private Twitter lists for accounts you don’t follow, celebrity Twitter lists, or non-followers lists.

Twitter Follower Management Tools

Twitter follower management tools help you fully control and manage your followers. They have features that let you track your account followers’ growth. Most of these tools enable you to get advanced demographic data to see your followers’ language, age, gender interests and others. The data helps you identify the Twitter voice to use in your posts for more engagement.
You can filter non-followers, spam accounts, inactive and fake followers. The tools also track when most of your followers are active so you can identify the best time to tweet.
Some of these tools help you find users with common interests, helping you establish more targeted audience.

Twitter Automation Tools

Managing all activities on your Twitter account is daunting, but Twitter automation tools make things easier. They automate tasks such as retweeting, following, unfollowing, liking and others. This gives you more time to perform other tasks and still interact with your audience.
The tools enable you to schedule bulk posts in a go and customize all your content to achieve more engagement.
Automation tools offer other key functionalities by letting you perform intelligent work, such as creating top-performing tweets and rescheduling the tweets. They also help attach videos, GIFs and images to your content to improve engagement.

Twitter Analysis Tools

Because you have invested resources and time into your Twitter campaign, you need to gauge whether your efforts are paying off. By providing detailed analytics reports, Twitter analytics tools help you determine your account performance.
The tools provide trends and keyword reports that let you know the trending topics and conversations, allowing you to adjust your content strategy to boost your reach. In addition, these tools offer sentiment and audience interest analysis to know what your audience are talking about so you can also get involved in the conversations.
The tools for Twitter analysis help track your follower growth over a certain period to determine how your account is growing. You can also compare your followers with your competitors to discover the overlaps and gaps in how they line up so you can improve your strategy to remain competitive.
Sentiment analysis lets you know the feelings users have about your brand. They make it easy for you to find your brand’s mentions so you can respond quickly. The tools identify the positive and negative sentiments that guide you on the best strategy and approach to apply to improve your online reputation.

Other Types of Twitter Management Tools

Twitter bot detection tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect untrustworthy accounts and bots so you can avoid engaging with them. They work by detecting the activities of an account to determine the likelihood of it being a bot. Some of the activities detected include spreading misinformation, frequency of tweets, or missing profile photos.
Twitter debugger tools help you verify whether Twitter cards will work before posting them. They check whether the URL features a Twitter card metal tag. They also give you a preview of how your card will appear on your timeline.
Twitter auditor tools let you know what’s working and what isn’t for your account. They help identify whether your posts align with your campaign goals or if your account is gaining followers and interactions from your target audience. They can measure your performance based on engagement levels, Twitter traffic, number of new followers, mentions, replies, comments and conversations. They also provide reports that help you ensure that your messaging and branding are up-to-date.

How to Choose the Right Tool for You

With so many Twitter tools to choose from, you should get one that will give you the best experience and results while managing your account. Here are a few things to check for when choosing a perfect tool.

Intuitive dashboard

You should choose a tool with an easy-to-use and smart dashboard. This ensures you can use all the features and get all the results on one platform.

Content scheduling

Your account should be active for you to succeed. Therefore, a good Twitter management tool should let you schedule content well in advance. This enables you to focus on other tasks as the tool does the hard and time-consuming job. It’s also good to look for a tool that suggests the best time to post for more engagement.

Allow for easy engagement

A good tool should help you monitor, reply and engage with the most relevant posts that your audience posts.

Intelligent reporting and analytics

You should work with a Twitter tool that lets you determine your content’s performance and guide how to use the data to improve your strategies and make more informed marketing decisions.


Look for software with costs that suit your budget by comparing the subscriptions provided by the various tools. As you consider the subscriptions, make sure that you check the features offered by the different plans to get the one that will serve your needs.

4 Killer Twitter Management Tools

Here are 4 killer tools to help you manage your Twitter content, reporting and engagement.


SocialDog allows you to perform all Twitter management tasks, including automation, reporting, analysis, follower and post analysis in a single platform. The tool has a simple interface and dashboard perfect for all users to track their performance within a few seconds. It streamlines all your activities for more efficient Twitter management.
SocialDog allows you to post tweets, threads and retweets in advance at specified times when they get more engagement from your audience. It also helps post in bulk to save the time and effort of posting one tweet at a time. You can also manage these tweets in the calendar view and preview them to see how they appear on your timeline before posting.
It makes it easy to manage your followers by displaying your followers, non-followers, and inactive accounts. With the keyword monitor, you find users creating posts with specific keywords you focus on for you to follow them. SocialDog also offers flexible follower filtering, enabling you to filter users with particular characteristics. For example, you can filter the most active followers or those you want to interact more with.
You can also perform account analysis with the tool to measure your account performance. SocialDog displays easy-to-understand performance graphs showing your performance within a specified period.

XPro (Formerly TweetDeck)

XPro, previously known as TweetDeck, provides a good Twitter account management experience. It has many features that allow you to get the most out of your account. The tool features a tweet composer that makes it easy to create threads, add videos, photos, polls, GIFs and emojis to your posts. You can also schedule your tweets to post at the most appropriate time to attract more engagement.
XPro’s advanced search feature makes it easy to look for the posts you want to focus on. It displays tweet orders to allow you to see the latest or top tweets first in the columns. You can also create several workspaces to organize your posts, track your performance and analytics, and collaborate with other users on tweets.


Twitonomy provides insights into your account performance and enhances your overall campaign strategy. The tool offers multiple features for optimizing and analyzing your activities like tweet scheduling, hashtag and keyword tracking, posting, advanced search capabilities, engagement and followers analysis. This lets you know where to improve to increase engagement and conversions.
With the tool, you can compare your presence with your competitors and personalize your alerts and dashboard. By analyzing your competitor’s activities, such as tweets per day, following data, and retweets, the tool helps you learn their strategies and look for ways to improve on them to attain an edge.


FollowerWonk enables you to analyze and optimize your growth by offering insights into your followers and helping you get new audiences to connect with. It compares several accounts and finds influencers you can also use to build your brand. With its advanced algorithm, you can boost your profile and create a valuable Twitter community.
The tool features an advanced search tool to compare your account performance with your competitors and other industry leaders. The data provided lets you learn some of their best Twitter strategies to incorporate them into your account management for better results.
FollowerWonk provides Twitter profile analysis that lets you segment your followers into categories such as active, inactive, influential, aged, among other types. This helps you curate your content that resonates with each category.
The tool also offers updated data to track your followers and their activities. This lets you post when most of them are active, allowing for more interactions and engagement.

Start with a Full-featured Twitter Management Tool

You should use a full-featured tool for more efficient and customized Twitter management. You need a tool that allows you to perform all your Twitter management tasks in one platform and offer instant reports.
SocialDog is an all-in-one tool with a friendly interface that lets you measure your performance and know where to improve. It enables you to manage your followers, tweets, perform comprehensive Twitter analytics and get reliable reports instantly.
You can create curated content and post at the appropriate time to boost engagement. You can also sort out users so that you can follow those who matter most for your account. Even if you are a starter, SocialDog is a valuable tool for your Twitter management.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing


SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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