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How to Use Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tools

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/8/1 Update date :2024/1/15

Do you want to know your audience’s attitude or feelings towards your brand? Knowing your audiences’ response to your posts, products or services helps you understand whether you are meeting their needs. Read on to learn how Twitter sentiment analysis tools can help know how your audiences view your brand.


What is Sentiment Analysis?

Twitter allows you to interact with your audience with your content. Your content evokes different emotions among users, and knowing how they respond is critical. And by identifying the feelings your content evokes, Twitter sentiment analysis does precisely this.
The process uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to categorize posts automatically as negative, positive or neutral. You can analyze individual posts or large data about a particular event or topic.

Why You Should Use Sentiment Analysis

Whether you’re trying to attract customers or clients, you create content to increase the visibility of your brand. The response from your audience determines whether you attain the set goals. This is why it’s important to measure your audience’s response and know how you can improve. Here are other reasons to use sentiment analysis.

Understand your brand reception

Sentiment analysis lets you know what your audience is saying about your brand. Understanding your brand reception helps identify how (or whether) your content resonates with your audience. This lets you respond quickly to ensure that your brand offers value to your audience.

Boost your customer relationships

Mining your audience response through sentiment analysis provides more insights into their behavior. You can know how your audience feels at any specific time and contextualize the results. The analysis lets you identify what made them thrilled, pleased or dissatisfied. The responses allow you to know when you make mistakes or if you are performing well with your campaign.
By analyzing the results, you understand how to deliver what your audience wants and boost your relationship with them. You can also use the data to improve your campaign strategies and figure out how to take the relationship to a new level.

Help provide better customer service

Providing excellent customer experience consistently is demanding and gets more challenging when your brand grows. It’s harder to satisfy a diverse range of interests, wants, and needs.
Sentiment analysis helps you know which areas are performing well and which aren’t. This lets you improve your brand experience by analyzing your audience’s contentment and ensuring you always satisfy their diverse needs and don’t lose them.

Discover vital emotional triggers

Emotional triggers impact your audience’s decisions. Sentimental analysis helps identify the discussion and communications working as emotional triggers and change your audience’s response. The analysis enables you to know the sentiments elicited by your posts so you can create an effective campaign.

Identify new marketing approaches

You can use the positive or negative responses to measure the success of your approach and identify other new strategies you can apply for more success.

Manage crises more effectively

Sentimental analysis lets you track your audience’s comments, replies, threads and other responses. Finding negative responses early lets you take quick and effective steps to prevent a crisis that can harm your brand’s reputation.

How to Perform Twitter Sentiment Analysis

You should use the most effective method to perform Twitter sentiment analysis to get accurate reports. Your method depends on the number of Tweets you want to analyze and followers. You should also use a technique that enables you to get the Twitter sentiment analysis report quickly.

Manual Sentiment Analysis

Manual sentiment analysis involves reading posts and categorizing them as negative, positive or neutral. This method is more doable if you don’t have a lot of tweets to analyze. However, if you gained 30k Twitter mentions in the last 30 days, it’s impossible to analyze them all. You’d also be wasting time otherwise spent on important tasks to increase engagement and conversions.

Use a Sentiment Analysis Tool

You can use a sentiment analysis app that performs Twitter sentiment analysis automatically. The tools apply algorithms to assess the emotional tone of posts by collecting data, analyzing it and performing the sentiment analysis. They give you more timely and accurate results than manual sentiment analysis. They can analyze thousands of posts and provide a detailed report on how your audience perceives your content within seconds.
Tools use Natural Language Processing to determine if text is neutral, positive or negative. Some tools offer more detailed sentiment markers like excitement or disappointment. The accuracy of the tool is based on the algorithm it uses.

The Top 5 Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tools

Twitter sentiment analysis tools have features that allow you to perform the analysis quickly. The tools vary in their costs and features provided, so you need to check the one that suits your budget and has features that let you do the analysis more effectively. The tool you choose also depends on your goals, but overall, you need one that can help you perform other account management tasks. Below are some of the top tools for your Twitter sentiment analysis project.


Brandwatch offers accurate and precise sentiment analysis in real-time. It helps monitor mentions, understand the voice of your audience, and measure your brand visibility. You can set it to notify you if it finds a mention of a certain emotion, for example, when someone expresses happiness. The tool allows you to break down the sentiment analysis based on your audiences for a more detailed report.
The tool lets you perform sentiment analysis on all the topics or posts you create and get the feelings and views elicited. All you need to do is set the query to find the current sentiment about the post or topic in the summary dashboard. In addition, you can use Brandwatch to monitor the long-term sentiments surrounding a certain topic or issue.
To perform a deeper analysis, click the negative or positive sentiment bars to see the individual mentions. This allows you to find out the mentions by your followers or other users chronologically. You can also program the tool to notify when there is a dramatic increase in a specific type of mention. For example, if negative comments increase by 70%, you can address the issue immediately to avert a crisis.
Brandwatch has 3 plans which you should contact for pricing and free demo.


Awario has features that help you quickly track the sentiments of your brand mentions so you can gather timely data and act accordingly. It’s a real-time social listening app that analyzes your posts, tweets, threads and others using sentiment analysis.
It features a social selling feature that lets you track people complaining about your competitors or those looking for industry referrals to help you identify leads more easily. In addition, you can track the sentiment around specific keywords you want to monitor. These are keywords relating to your competitors, product, brand and any other subject you want to be on top of.
Awario’s dashboard features mention statistics graphs that classify sentiment data by topic, brand, keyword and others. You can see how your brand compares to your competitors and know where to improve. The graphs display the growth of negative, positive and negative sentiment on your brand.
The tools let you create an alert to track your competitors’ sentiment and create a report comparing your brand to your competitors. This enables you to find consumers complaining about your competitor’s brand and direct them to yours.
Awario has 3 plans running in price from around $30 to $250/month.


Talkwalker is another sentiment analysis tool that uses AI to check and analyze the tone of your Twitter mentions. It’s designed in a way that it can detect any form of anger, happiness, sarcasm, and other emotions.

The tool lets you track your audience trends and identify the features of your services, products or content that appeal to them most and the ones that put them off. The tool also provides competitor intelligence capabilities and other online metrics.
Talkwalker provides sentiment data to all results, from news articles, survey responses, other social media networks or online reviews with your brand mention. The AI technology flags high-risk posts quickly to help you manage risks that can damage your online reputation through negative responses. In addition, it helps find snarky or negative comments and detect sarcasm, allowing you to react quickly.
The tool offers a Twitter sentiment analysis report with a classification that enables you to compare critical product qualities to determine the features your audience loves or those that need improvements. The real-time customer opinion provided helps you act fast and stay ahead of the competition.
Talkwalker has 4 packages with Listen, Analyze, Business and Premium. Contact for pricing details.


IntenCheck is a cloud-based tool that provides sentiment analysis to replies, comments or threads from Twitter posts. It’s a simple tool to use, just like a spell checker.
To perform the analysis in IntenCheck, you should upload the posts and tweets to the tool. The tool helps categorize the sentiments like negative, passive, and positive. It also classifies emotions such as disgust or anger and monitors any insincerity in the posts.
IntenCheck also allows you to dive deep into whether the posts talk about the present, past or future and whether they are in favor or against your brand. It has great features such as customizable templates, category highlighter and smart reply, making the analysis more efficient.
The tool enables you to determine your audience’s attitude towards your products, service or content depending on strong-weak, active-passive and positive-negative scales. It lets you know the post’s perceptual position, notion and point of view.
IntenCheck has a free basic version, while the paid plans start at less than $20/month.

Social Searcher

Social Searcher helps you perform sentiment analysis by breaking down all posts that have been classified as positive or negative. For the sentiment analysis, each mention has a red, grey or green dot corresponding to the respective mentions’ sentiment. In addition, you can apply a sentiment filter to view a specific set of brand mentions.
Social Searcher looks for data from a wide range of sources, including Twitter and the web. To perform the sentiment analysis, search for a hashtag, username or keyword. Then, the tool tells you whether the response surrounding the topic or post is negative or positive.
To view the sentiment analysis of the collected mentions, you should visit the Detailed Analytic tab and select sentiment. The tool displays the share of negative, positive and neutral mentions with the ratio of positive to negative mentions.
It also displays the most popular negative, positive and neutral posts. This allows you to work proactively on the negative feedback to minimize their impact on your online reputation.
Social Searcher has 4 plans running in price from around €3 to €19/month.

Apply Sentiment Analysis With a Twitter Management Tool

Using a Twitter management tool enhances your sentiment analysis process. The tools use machine learning, natural language processing, and computational linguistics techniques to identify, extract and analyze sentiments expressed in comments, replies or threads.
SocialDog is an efficient Twitter management tool that lets you analyze engagements such as comments, replies and other feedback by post type. It also allows you to analyze the engagement of posts with videos and images. The tool has an easy-to-use interface and easy-to-understand graphs with well-detailed data on your posts’ performance based on responses from your audience.
The tool’s advanced search functionality lets you filter and act upon all your posts based on the response provided. SocialDog’s flexible filtering enables you to create custom filters and set the accounts you want to interact with depending on their responses towards your posts, products or services.
SocialDog has 3 plans:
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month

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