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How to Use Twitter Marketing Tools For Increased Engagement and Conversions

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/8/7 Update date :2024/1/15

Twitter marketing can be challenging, but there are tools that make the process easier. Twitter marketing tools help you implement your campaign strategy and attain quick results. Read on to learn how the tools help you achieve increased engagement and conversions.

The 2 Types of Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is a way to promote your products or services on the platform through promoted trends, sponsored tweets, and promoted accounts. The process involves designing a strategy to compose and publish posts on your account. You can apply 2 types of Twitter marketing in your campaign strategy.

Organic Tweets and Threads

Organic tweets and threads refer to the posts that reach your audience without using promotions or ads. Publish these posts regularly to build brand awareness and increase your followers. They can feature videos, images, text, or GIFs.
The posts are displayed on your follower’s timelines first. The more your followers engage with your organic content, the more Twitter displays the posts to other users who find it interesting. These tweets and threads help you attain an organic reach, which is the number of users who view your posts on their feed.

Promoted tweets are posts you purchase to reach a larger audience, which you only pay for when a user engages with the tweet. They appear on your followers’ timelines, at the top of certain search pages related to your products or services, or on Twitter’s live feed. They are indicated as promoted content.
You can use promoted tweets to increase engagement or promote a certain event, such as a product or service launch or when entering a new market. Promoted tweets are less intrusive than banner ads as they aren’t visually distracting and easier to ignore if a user isn’t interested.
When creating promoted tweets, you can include text, images, a video, and moment tweets that let you have longer posts or Twitter Live, a promoted livestream.

Why You Should Use a Twitter Marketing Tool

Twitter marketing can be daunting, but don’t let its challenges stop you. Twitter marketing tools make it easier to promote your brand and reach a wider audience. So, what is the importance of Twitter marketing tools?

Help create engaging tweets

Twitter marketing tools help you create highly engaging tweets. The tools enable you to schedule multiple tweets simultaneously and keep your audience up to date.
They also help you create tweets that resonate with your audience and increase engagement.

Keep your audience updated

Tools have features that let you know what’s trending in your industry, so you can create relevant content and like, retweet, or share the trending topics related to your brand. This increases engagement with your target audience.

Listen and monitor your audience

Twitter marketing tools help you monitor your brand mentions and other popular topics in your niche. This helps you interact with your audience and understand their needs and meet them. This helps your audience view you as an authority in your niche.

Track your competitors

Twitter tools help you gain a competitive edge by tracking your competitors to learn about their campaign strategies. They allow you to track their activities and benchmark your performance against them. The insights provided help you learn from their weaknesses and strengths to build a better strategy and have an edge.

Analyze your performance

The tools have analytic features that let you measure your brand performance over a specific period. This helps you understand what is working and not working for your campaign. The Twitter analytic reports provided allow you to know where to improve engagement or take a bigger market share.

What to Look for in a Twitter Marketing Tool

There are several Twitter marketing tools to choose from, so look for the one that helps you attain your marketing goals quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the things to look for in a Twitter tool.


The most important things to consider are the features provided by the tools, such as scheduling tweets, Twitter analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. Choose a tool that lets you accomplish all your activities in a single platform.

User-friendly interface

You don’t want a tool that will stress you out, so choose a user-friendly interface you can learn quickly and use with a single click of the features provided.


The prices of Twitter tools vary greatly, but you should be able to find a tool that suits your budget. When comparing costs, make sure that the features you need are included with your tier. A good tool also offers a free trial for the features provided to allow you to determine if they are worth the subscription.

Customer support

When you start using a new tool, you may require assistance. Sometimes, the tools experience issues that need immediate fixing. Look for a tool with customer support you can reach quickly and easily.

Team collaboration tools

Because Twitter marketing involves a lot of activities such as tweeting, replying, analysis, interactions, and more, different team members may manage your account. Therefore, you should get a tool supporting team collaboration to facilitate smooth workflow.

How to Choose a Twitter Marketing Tool

When choosing Twitter marketing tools, you should be guided by the following:

Campaign goals

Identifying your campaign goals allows you to determine what to look for in a tool that can help you attain your goals more efficiently. For example, if you want to analyze your campaign, you should pick a tool that tracks all the metrics you want to analyze.

Research the available options

Many tools can help you attain your campaign goals but don’t offer the same user experience. Shortlist all the tools that suit your needs based on your goals and the activities you want to perform. From your shortlist, check the features provided by each tool, price, and user reviews to know what other users are saying about the tool.

Subscribe to free trials

You should test 2 or 3 tools by subscribing to the free trials to have your own experience. By using all the available features for the period of the free trial, you will be able to settle on one tool offering the best experience and results for your Twitter marketing.

The Top 3 Twitter Tools for Marketers

For your brand to reach its full potential, you require Twitter marketing tools. The tools can help you grow your brand with features that make performing various Twitter marketing activities easy. Here are 3 tools you can use.


SocialDog is an all-in-one Twitter tool that lets you manage your campaign efficiently and smartly. It has many features that help track your performance, automate activities, and increase your followers. The tool allows you to streamline all your marketing operations to improve engagement and efficiency.
The tool allows you to perform detailed analytics of your marketing efforts. You can track your hashtags and tweets to discover the ones bringing more engagement. The analytic reports provide insights into your campaign performance and allow you to adjust for more engagement and conversions.
SocialDog has sophisticated sorting and filtering features that let you interact with your audience. This helps you identify followers who engage more with your brand so you can turn them into your brand customers. The follower acquisition analytics lets you understand your followers’ location, names, and descriptions. This enables you to create content that resonates with them for better engagement.
The advanced post management allows you to schedule posts in advance to be on top of the game. This feature lets you tweet when most of your audience is online to enable them to engage more with your content.
SocialDog has 3 plans:
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month


Hashtagify is an efficient Twitter tool that helps you track your performance, get the most effective hashtag ideas, and discover influencers for your campaign. It enables you to find the most efficient hashtags to use and reach your audience quickly.
The tool lets you monitor your hashtag performance to help bring your Twitter marketing strategy to perfection. It allows you to track your hashtags, analyze their performance by displaying their popularity, and discover the optimal time to post when most of your targets are online for more engagement.
Hashtagify helps optimize your marketing and lets you plan your strategy to get your brand more engagement and conversions. It features a machine learning algorithm that displays all related keywords and hashtags you can use for your future posts to attract more attention.
The tool helps you have an edge in your niche by allowing you to track your competitors and their performance. You get insights that enable you to benchmark your results and improve your strategy to be at the top.
Hashtagify has 3 plans running in price from around $29 to 311/month.


Twitonomy allows you to perform a detailed analysis to discover your audience’s behaviors, thinking, and preferences. This lets you create content and provide products or services that meet their specific needs. With customer satisfaction, you can expect your brand to grow and have a strong base.
You can also perform hashtag analysis to know the hashtags that bring more engagement and use them more to popularize your brand. Twitonomy also has a feature that enables you to track your follower growth over time. It displays the people who engage more with your content, allowing you to interact with them more in your marketing.
Twitonomy has a map visualizer that lets you discover your followers’ location and when they mention your brand. This enables you to know where your brand is popular so you can focus your marketing in those areas and better understand their needs. In addition, you can also analyze your Twitter Card’s performance to understand the ones to use more to drive traffic and get more engagement.
Contact Twitonomy for plans and pricing.

Master Marketing with a Powerful Twitter Management Tool

Twitter marketing can be challenging because it requires a lot of focus to attain your goals. A powerful Twitter management tool can help you master the marketing process. The tool can help you unlock your Twitter by driving traffic, increasing engagement, and growing your brand. It allows you to measure and improve your performance by attracting high-quality followers.
A Twitter tool provides more insights about your audience so you can understand them well and provide content or products that resonate with them. In addition, it lets you determine the best time to tweet and how to create engaging content to get maximum results. The tool automates most of these activities, so you don’t have to spend much time doing Twitter marketing.

An All-in-one Management Tool for Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

You need an all-in-one management tool for your campaign strategy to save time and have the best Twitter marketing experience. SocialDog allows you to implement your Twitter marketing strategy on a single platform.
The tool has an easy-to-understand user interface featuring graphs showing your campaign performance.
Its features allow you to create highly engaging tweets and schedule them to post when you can interact with your audience and know more about their needs.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing


SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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* Based on a study by Japan Marketing Research Organization, Inc. undertaken in February 2021.

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