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How to Use Twitter Report Tools to Improve Engagement and Conversions

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/8/13 Update date :2024/1/15

Staying on top of campaign performance helps you make the right adjustments to increase engagement and conversions. Twitter reports provide data with insights on your performance within a specified time. Read on to learn how Twitter tools can help provide reliable reports to improve your campaign strategy.

Does Twitter Analytics Have Reports?

Twitter Analytics reports provide helpful insights into your account performance. You can analyze engagement rates, follower growth, profile visits, tweet impressions, and more. Reports help you identify the most engaging posts and understand your audience’s preferences so you can tailor your campaign strategies accordingly.

What Can Twitter Reports Tell You?

Twitter reports offer many insights on all metrics that impact your campaign strategy. Some of these are:

Profile visits

The number of profile visits is listed at the top of the Analytics dashboard. It displays the number of visits across 28 days and is updated daily. Twitter analytics profile visits compares the number with the previous period, together with a mini graph showing these numbers over time. The data helps you monitor your profile visits growth to adjust your campaign accordingly.


You can track your mentions over the last 28 days and your top mention each month. The top mention is calculated by engagement, with a link dropping you into that post for additional context.

Tweet impressions

Under the tweets section, you can see all your tweets and their impressions. The report displays individual tweet performance and cumulative impressions for the past 28 days.

Engagement and engagement rate

The Tweet section of the report displays your Tweet engagement, which is the number of interactions each tweet has received. It also shows the engagement rate, which is the engagement divided by impressions.

Top tweets

Each month, your Analytics report shows your top-performing tweet based on impressions. You can see the specific interactions by link clicks, profile clicks, and more by clicking “View Tweet Activity.”

Follower growth

The Analytics report shows follower growth over the past 30 days by showing the accounts you’ve lost and gained daily.

Video post-performance

If you use video as part of your campaign strategy, the Twitter Analytics report shows how people respond to your videos, for instance, if they are watching to its completion.

Twitter audience insights

The reports provide Twitter audience insights that let you know more about your audience and the people engaging with your organic tweets. The reports enable you to identify the new audience to target for current or future campaigns.

Why You Should Use Twitter Reports

Using Twitter reports give you a true picture of your account performance, and use it to make informed decisions for better results. Here are other reasons to use the reports.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience

Effective Twitter marketing is all about understanding your audience and satisfying their needs. The report data gives insights that let you discover your audience’s ideas, interests, and demands to allow you to build a better campaign.
Insights about their gender, age, language, and other demographics help create content that resonates with them.

Understand monthly performance

The report features monthly 28-day data showing your tweets and other campaign activities’ performance. Based on the performance, you can adjust your campaign strategy, ideas, and goals for better results.

Improve your Twitter timing accuracy

Your Tweet reach is based on the time you post. The reports show the tweets with the highest engagement and the time your audience interacts more with your posts. This helps you determine the best time to tweet when most of your targets are online for increased engagement.

Can You Get Twitter Reports for Another Account?

You can get Twitter reports for another account if you can access that account. The report provides data such as tweet activity, impressions, and audience. You can also review their follower growth and discover who they follow and what you have in common.
You gain valuable insights into your campaign performance and discover areas to improve by checking other accounts’ analytics. Twitter analytics for another account allows you to compare and benchmark your performance and stay updated on trends in your industry.

How to Get Twitter Reports

Twitter reports are a vital part of your campaign success, so you need to find a way to get the most accurate data. You should look for a way to perform the analysis and get the reports instantly. In addition, you should get reports displaying all the necessary metrics to understand your account performance clearly.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

You can improve your performance by monitoring critical engagement metrics in the Twitter Analytics dashboard. The dashboard shows the metrics and key performance indicators for your campaign strategy. When you visualize your metrics on a dashboard, you use the insights to boost engagement and drive performance results.
The Twitter report provided helps you understand your Twitter reach, engagement, or if other users are talking about your brand. It also tracks other Twitter analytics, such as replies, impressions, link clicks, and retweets.
All accounts have free access to Twitter Analytics, which you can access directly from You can also access it from your homepage by clicking More > Creator Studio > Analytics.

Third-party Twitter Tools

Third-party Twitter tools play a critical role in providing highly reliable analytics reports. They offer reports in easy-to-understand graphs or charts. The tools help you track your performance and provide data to make the right campaign decisions.
The tools provide robust reports and insights to determine your top-performing posts, follower growth, trending topics, and analytics metrics. In addition, you also gauge your competitors’ performance and get a report that helps you benchmark your performance with your competitors.
Third-party Twitter tools make it easy to customize your reports with the specific metrics you need.

The Top 3 Twitter Reports Tools

Twitter report tools offer an easier way to get analytic data to help monitor your performance. Twitter analytics apps have features that let you get any report based on the type of analytics you are doing. All you need to do is choose a tool that offers quick and accurate reports to help you make informed decisions on improving your campaign strategy.
Here are 3 top Twitter report tools to use.


SocialDog offers comprehensive reports that give you a true picture of your account performance over a selected period. The dashboard features easy-to-understand and analyze performance graphs with data. The graphs contain data showing changes in key metrics, such as follower growth within a selected period.
SocialDog’s report also shows your followers’ interests and backgrounds. It helps you discover the locations, names, and followers’ descriptions so that you can create customized campaigns suiting them. You can also see the duration that followers have been following you.
The tool also provides post-analytics reports with data on your content performance. The reports display total likes, mentions, replies, and reposts by type of tweet. You can also view reposts, likes, and others by the time and day of the week. SocialDog’s report shows the engagement of posts with videos and images.
SocialDog engagement reports show which users have replied, retweeted, liked, or quoted your tweets. This data helps you run retweet contests more efficiently. In addition, the report contains a collection of posts, including keywords you specify.
SocialDog has 3 plans:
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps break down your Twitter activity and gain valuable insights with its well-detailed reports. The tool provides a comprehensive report featuring top topics, hashtags, and terms often mentioned with your brand. This allows you to use them more for increased engagement and conversions.
The tool helps you save time and focus more on other campaign activities because it compiles data automatically and provides presentation-ready reports. Sprout Social also offers reports on your competitors’ performance to allow you to compare to get new opportunities and gain a competitive edge.
Sprout Social provides reports that make it easy to understand your followers and provide what works for them. The report helps discover your content’s reach with a comprehensive demographic breakdown. This lets you shape your campaign strategy and messaging to suit your audience.
The tool also provides a Trends Report that displays the top users and brands mentioned frequently with your profiles. The reports also help you discover historical keyword and hashtag use across a specified period. Sprout Social’s paid performance report shows you where you got a good return on investment so that you can leverage on the same.
Sprout Social has 4 plans running in price starting from around $249/month.


Tweetbinder helps you track hashtags, accounts, keywords and provides detailed reports. The tool reports all your campaign statistics, including your reach, impact, user ranking, and more. This allows you to compare the different campaigns you have to determine the one with the desired results.
The tool provides a user ranking report where you discover the most popular and active profiles. It also helps you to determine your brand’s ambassadors, together with the most retweeted and mentioned users who you can choose to be your brand ambassadors. In addition, the report also lets you monitor your influencer’s activities.
Tweetbinder provides a sentiment analytics report that helps you determine the negative, positive, and neutral sentiments toward your content. Knowing these sentiments makes you adjust your strategy to let your posts have more positive sentiments and improve engagement.
The tool also has follower analysis reports that let you know how many followers you have gained or lost within a specified period. With the reports, you can perform quantitative analysis that helps you act accordingly to avoid losing followers.
Tweetbinder has 3 plans running in price from around $265 to $4250/month.

Get Reports with an All-in-one Twitter Tool

To enhance efficiency in your Twitter campaign, you should use a tool that offers instant reports in a single platform. You need a tool that is easy to use and can offer comprehensive reports for all the metrics you want to monitor.
SocialDog is an all in one Twitter tool that does all your analytics and provides well detailed and easy to understand reports. The tool offers reliable reports you can use to improve your campaign strategy and increase engagement. It offers reports on your content performance, follower growth, trending topics, audience insights and more.

All-in-one tool for Twitter marketing


SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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