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The Best Way To Track Twitter Analytics For Another Account

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/5/1 Update date :2023/6/1

Twitter Analytics can be a great way to keep track of your followers, engagement, and other important metrics related to your account. But what if you want to track analytics for another account?
In this article, we will discuss how to track Twitter analytics for another account, as well as the best tools for tracking Twitter analytics. Moreover, you will learn how to use these analytics to gain valuable insight into your competitors’ performance, giving you a step up.

Can You Check Twitter Analytics for Another Account?

Yes, it is possible to check Twitter analytics for another account. However, you must have access to the account you want to check.
Data such as impressions, tweet activity, and audience insights can be viewed here, allowing users to track the account’s performance and gain valuable insights.
Furthermore, you can gain valuable insight into how your campaigns are performing and identify areas for improvement by checking analytics on other accounts. Using this data, you can compare and benchmark account performance.

How to Analyze Other Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great platform for businesses to engage with their customers and analyze the competition. Here are 2 ways to gain information about other accounts:

Use Native Twitter

The best way to analyze your own accounts is to use Twitter’s native tools. But, as stated above, if you want to access another user’s analytics, you’ll need to log into their account or ask for their data.
The “Analytics” tab offers a detailed view of the account, with metrics such as impressions and engagement generated by tweets, retweets, replies, and likes.

Use a Third-Party App

Another way to analyze other Twitter accounts is to use a third-party app. There are many apps available that will provide you with more detail than the native tools on Twitter.
Using these apps, you can keep track of engagements, hashtags, influencers, and competitors, as well as learn about their demographics and peak activity hours. To access all the features of some of these tools, you may need to purchase a subscription.
By analyzing other Twitter accounts, you can gain valuable insight into your own strategy and learn what type of content you should be creating and how to reach more people.

How to Check Your Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics helps businesses make data-driven decisions on Twitter by optimizing their campaigns with better results and engagement without guesswork. Using the desktop dashboard, mobile app, and third-party analytics tools, you can easily track your analytics.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

The Twitter Analytics Dashboard is the quickest and easiest way to check your performance. To access it, log in to your Twitter account, click on ‘More’, select Creator Studio, then choose Analytics from the drop-down menu.
The dashboard provides an overview of your account’s performance, broken down by month over the past 28 days. You can see your followers, impressions, profile visits, and engagement statistics. If you want historical or granular data, you might need third-party tools.

Twitter Analytics on Mobile

If you’re using mobile, you can also check your profile analytics. Twitter’s mobile app doesn’t offer a full analytics dashboard, but it does offer specific analytics for each tweet.
Open the Twitter app, go to your profile, and select the tweet you wish to analyze. Next, tap View Tweet Activity to see how many times your tweet was viewed, engaged, visited, and new followers were added.

Twitter Analytics Tools

Finally, you can track your Twitter performance with third-party analytics tools. These tools provide more detailed analytics, such as keyword tracking, hashtag tracking, and sentiment analysis. They also come with more features, such as the ability to compare your performance to competitors.
You can set benchmarks and track growth with custom reports, making it easier for your business to monitor online metrics. Most allow you to monitor multiple accounts, provided you have the login credentials.

Can You Log in to Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Yes, it is possible to log in to multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously through desktop, mobile, or app. Twitter allows users to add up to 5 different accounts in the same app or browser instance. Simply click on your profile icon and select “Add account”. You can then switch between accounts with a couple of taps.

Free Apps to Analyze Other Twitter Accounts

To take your Twitter presence to the next level, it is important to analyze other Twitter accounts. Luckily, there are many free apps available that can help you do just that: is a free Twitter analytics tool that shows detailed information about another account, such as the number of followers and retweets it receives, etc.
Using, you can analyze any public Twitter account for competitor sentiment, including hashtags, topics, mentions, links, and time spent on each tweet. Despite’s limited stats, it can be useful for analyzing engagement metrics and overall growth.
Price plan:


FollowerAudit is another great app to use when analyzing other Twitter accounts. You can only check other Twitter profiles with FollowerAudit if they’re public. It identifies fake and inactive followers, letting you know which accounts to avoid.
It tells you when people unfollow you and identifies authentic influencers. Over time, you can discover what drives your audience by tracking your followers.
Price plan:
Basic: $29/month
Professional: $49/month
Corporate: $79/month

Social Bearing

Social Bearing helps you understand your audience better. It is a free tool that tracks competitors’ tweets, monitors hashtags and keywords, analyzes followers, and provides geographic insights. It offers detailed insights into how your followers interact with your tweets, as well as an overview of what topics are trending among the people you follow.
Social Bearing displays all relevant analytical data on one page, including impressions, reach, retweets, and favorites. To run a report for any date range with advanced search filters, you need to purchase a premium report.
Price plan:
Historical report: $95
30-day report: $50
Handle report: $75
Follower report: $65

NOTE: As of this month, Social Bearing is no longer operational due to changes in Twitter’s API rules. We will keep watching to see whether this is resolved.

Social Blade

Social Blade offers detailed account analytics, enables you to track the performance of your account over time, and gives you insight into the topics discussed.
In addition, it can provide you with real-time information on your competitors’ social media profiles, such as follower counts and uploads, allowing you to identify accounts to follow. If you’re building a social media marketing strategy, this tool is a great way to get a grasp of the situation.
By providing detailed insights into viewership, engagement, and audience growth, Social Blade can analyze YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
Price plans:
Bronze: $3.99/month
Silver: $9.99/month
Gold: $39.99/month
Platinum: $99.99/month

The Best Twitter Analytics Tools in 2023

Businesses and marketers alike are relying on Twitter analytics tools in 2023 to understand their presence. Below are the three best Twitter analytics tools to compare your performance with others:


SocialDog is an all-in-one Twitter management tool that helps businesses manage their Twitter accounts smartly and efficiently. With features like auto-tweet scheduling, follower management, engagement analytics, and account management, you can grow your presence online better than ever before.
Using one SocialDog account, you can manage up to 50 Twitter accounts. Its “Team” feature makes it easier for brand managers to manage their campaigns. It allows multiple users to collaboratively manage their Twitter accounts under a single account.
Users can gain valuable insights into their followers and audiences, such as gender, location, and interests. You can explore each follower’s data and see their profiles, DMs, interactions, and more. It includes “hidden list” and “keep list” options to hide users and avoid unfollowing trusted users again. Also, you can generate Twitter analytics reports in CSV format.
Price plan:
Lite: Free
Lite+: $12/month
Pro: $59/month
Business: $120/month


Hootsuite is another great tool for analyzing Twitter performance, tracking competitors, and learning about trends. It provides detailed analytics and reports on your followers, reach, and engagement. Furthermore, it offers a variety of features to help users manage their campaigns and accounts.
With Hootsuite, users can gain detailed insights into their followers’ demographics and interests and compare their performance with others. You can also monitor your competitors’ hashtags and keywords with its keyword tracking feature.
Hootsuite differs from the rest of the social media tools in that it can track all social media engagement, including Facebook and LinkedIn.
Price plans:
Professional: $23.30/month
Team: $91.75/month
Business: $547.57/month
Enterprise: Custom


Circleboom lets you manage Twitter accounts easily and analyze your competitors’ performance. It’s a snap to measure your Twitter performance, analyze your followers, and compare your results with others.
It provides detailed insights into the demographics and interests of users’ followers. Additionally, Circleboom helps users determine the best time to tweet and analyzes their tweets’ impact. It offers detailed analytics and insights, including competitor analysis and audience segmentation.
The Smart Search feature shows who you should follow, while spam protection and filters prevent duplicate Follows and Unfollows. By searching Twitter profiles, bios, and tweets, you can find trends related to your interests.
Price plans:
Pro: $27.99/month
Multi: $109.99/month
Business: $189.99/month
Enterprise: Custom

Conclusion: Manage Multiple Accounts With an All-in-one Twitter Tool

Managing multiple Twitter accounts can seem daunting. However, with the right Twitter tool, you can unlock the potential of reaching different audiences, building a stronger brand, and achieving desired goals.
With features that let you switch between accounts, post simultaneously, and monitor analytics, an all-in-one Twitter tool like SocialDog is an efficient way to manage multiple accounts. You can save time, increase productivity, and grow your online presence with it.
SocialDog makes it easy to access all the features you need in one place, meaning you can work smarter – not harder – to leverage the power of Twitter for your business or personal brand.

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SocialDog has contributed to growing the followers of accounts of both companies and individuals. A range of features are provided to help you efficiently increase followers.

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