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Why You Should Use Twitter Analytics Report Templates

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/6/7 Update date :2023/7/6

Templates help create professional and easy-to-understand reports quickly. They let you create more presentable Twitter Analytics reports for your business or clients. Read on to learn more about using report templates for Twitter Analytics.

Why You Should Use a Template for Twitter Analytics Reports

Here are some of the main reasons to use a template for Twitter Analytics reports.

Provide simple Twitter Analytics reports

A Twitter Analytics report template provides crucial data on key metrics for you to use while analyzing campaign performance. Whether you want to analyze your account performance or one for your client’s campaign, the report template enables you to do the analysis at the same place, saving you a lot of time and effort. This is unlike the CSV format, which is more complex to analyze the data presented.

Customizable reports

Customizable templates give you better control of your reports’ data. You can change the formats, fonts and insert other information to make the report clearer, especially when you create it for your clients.

Are There Pre-made Twitter Analytics Templates?

Yes. Different Twitter tools provide several pre-made Twitter Analytics templates. All you need to do is to pick a report template and upload your file.
When using pre-made templates, you should then customize the report according to your preferred style. The main advantage of using pre-made templates is the time it saves in creating presentable Twitter reports.

How to Get Twitter Analytics Reports

One way to get a Twitter Analytics report is using the free Twitter tool. You can access it from your account by clicking on More> Creator Studio >Analytics. Another way to access is to create an account on Twitter AnalyticsThe tool provides a report presenting several metrics, including tweet impressions, profile visits, followers, conversion tracking, and your media performance.
The other way to get Twitter Analytics reports is by using free or paid Twitter tools. The tools have different features that allow them to provide a report with accurate data. Depending on your Twitter tool, you will get a report with different metrics showing your Tweet performance, such as impressions, likes, mentions, engagements, retweets, clicks, and others.
The tools also show metrics such as follower growth/decline, profile visits, demographics, audience insights, and conversions. This data is critical in helping you determine your presence and strategies you can apply to improve on your campaign.

Sample Sections for Twitter Analytics Reports Templates

A Twitter Analytics report template presents Twitter metrics and other key performance indicators. The report templates feature sections with key metrics depending on your needs. For example, the report template will have sections for monthly summary, follower growth, engagement metrics, web analytics, and other metrics.

Twitter Account Overview

The Twitter account overview section of the templates gives a summary of your account activity. It highlights your top-performing Tweets and followers for any given month. This section provides you with detailed information on your account performance and progress based on previous months.

Key Metrics of Twitter Analytics

The report template also has a section showing all the key account metrics. The report shows the number of followers, follower growth, and retention rates. You also find other important metrics such as video views, conversions, top tweets, demographics, hashtag performance, link clickthrough, and more.

Tweet Activity

The Tweet Activity section provides a detailed view of your tweet performance, including retweets, shares, likes, comments, replies, top tweets, promoted tweets, clicks, and more.
The report template allows you to see the tweet activity for individual tweets. This enables you to know the tweet that has attracted high engagement and understand the content that resonates well with your audience.

Third-Party Templates for Twitter Analytics Reports

Third-Party templates help compile key Twitter metrics and present them in easy-to-understand reports. The templates allow you to customize your report to see your desired data. If you are doing analytics for your business or client, the templates enable you to add your client’s or your business’s logo. The templates will include different sections featuring metrics such as follower growth, interactions, tweet activity, and others. Here are some third-party templates to use.


Actiondeskis a third-party template you can connect to your Twitter Analytics and other data sources to build live reports. It allows you to put your report in a single, unified spreadsheet for easier understanding. Actiondesk has pre-built analytics templates you can use to start the analytics process quickly.
With Actiondesk, you can create templates based on your goals. It takes about 2 minutes to integrate your data source into your templates and allows you to import your data in a table, with no CSV exports needed.
Actiondesk enables you to create reports like Google Sheets or Excel. It allows you to apply basic formulas, create pivot graphs, charts, and dashboards. It’s easy to understand, so no learning curve is required. In addition, you can also automate your Twitter reports over email or Slack, making it easy for the entire team to be updated at all times.

Actiondesk has 3 plans:
Basic plan: $150/month
Growth plan: $600/month
Enterprise plan: contact
for pricing


Grey Metricsis another great and easy to use template. It lets you automate your reports quickly with no coding required. Grey Metrics has built-in templates that enable you to create personalized Twitter reports based on your goals. You can choose from several customizable templates and then personalize them to suit your Twitter Analytics report style.
With the template, you can create a presentable Twitter report with all the key metrics like followers, mentions, impressions, tweets, engagement rates, mentions, retweets, and others. Grey Metrics lets you share the reports with your team or client. With the tool, you create customized reports quickly and save time.
Grey Metrics allows you to schedule report delivery to your team or clients, depending on who you create the report for. You can pick the frequency of delivery to let your client be updated on their account performance anytime. With real-time data updates, Grey Metrics ensures that analytic reports are reliable and accurate.

Grey Metrics has 4 plans:
Startup: $39/month
Professional: $99/month
Agency: $199/month
Enterprise: $699/month

You can sign up for the 15-day free trial to try all the features.


Agency Analyticsmakes Twitter Analytics reports easier with its user-friendly features. The customizable templates enable you to create reports within a few minutes. If you create Twitter reports for your clients, Agency Analytics lets you set up automated reports and instantly deliver them to their inbox. You can also give them access to a fully customized dashboard for them to view the report.
The template enables you to create Twitter reports with easy-to-understand graphs showing your follower count over time, which is necessary to track your growth. The template allows you to create elegant reports quickly, thus helping you save time. It also helps you to automate by creating and scheduling reports within a few minutes.
Agency Analytics provides a custom dashboard where you find all the metrics you can add to your report. The report shows your follower count over time. It also provides data on your Twitter engagement rates by showing the tweets with more engagement in comments, shares, likes, mentions, clicks, retweets, replies, and others.

Agency Analytics has 3 plans:
Enterprise: Contact for pricing

You can sign up for the 14-day free trial to try all the features.


Metricoolprovides customizable templates with a single click. The templates ensure you don’t waste time extracting data and transferring it to Excel or organizing it in more presentable formats. You need to select a time range to see the data and download the report in PPT or PDF format. In addition, you can customize each report with the data you want to display and insert your business or clients’ logo.
All the metrics are included and organized so you don’t miss anything in your report. Metricool report templates display the number of followers you have gained, lost, and published tweets. In the interaction section, you will find data on how users have interacted with your account. For example, you will see the mentions, impressions, engagements, replies, retweets, likes, clicks, or quotes.
Metricool displays a table with your best performing tweets within your selected period. In the table, you will see the engagements and interactions of each tweet. You can also add competitors in your niche to see the number of followers, tweets published, and who they follow.

Metricool has 6 plans:
PRO 5:€15/month
PRO 10:€25/month
TEAM 15:€45/month
TEAM 25: €69/month
ENTERPRISE: €149/month

Conclusion: Enhance Your Twitter Analytics With a Report Template

Choosing the report template that best suits your needs can make the analytics report not only more presentable, but more actionable.SocialDog helps you get an accurate picture of your account performance with an updated report.
SocialDog has a schedule tweets feature that allows you to create tweets in advance and schedule them to be posted at a specified time. The tool allows you to choose a day and time you often tweet, then create tweets in the order you want them posted. You can also schedule bulk tweets to save time.
The tool also allows you to monitor activity in real-time. It provides a report template featuring easy to understand graphs and tables with key metrics showing your account performance over a specified period. The template allows you to select a specified period you want to view your tweet activity or follower growth.

SocialDog has 3 plans:
Lite+: $9/month
Pro: $49/month
Business: $99/month
Sign up for the 7-day free trial to try all the features.

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