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Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Mention Analytics

X (Twitter) MarketingPosted on:2023/6/19 Update date :2023/7/6

Getting mentions on social media allows you to build relationships with your customer base and encourages new followers, visits, and comments. In spite of this, a staggering 91% of tweets about your brand don’t even mention you. So how can you keep track of everything you’ve been mentioned in?
Twitter mentions analytics are great for tracking social mentions and connecting with your target audience. Even when a large number of Twitter mentions flood in simultaneously, mentions analytics help keep things in check.
Follow along as we uncover how to measure and assess Twitter mentions, plus the best analytics tools to monitor them.

The Importance of Analyzing Your Twitter Mentions

Check out these 5 reasons why you should analyze mentions of your brand on Twitter.

Keep track of social proof

Analyzing mentions gives you valuable insight into your popularity and credibility. These insights can help you gauge how your brand is being perceived online. Knowing this, you can tweak your strategy to influence your customers’ perceptions and decisions.

Maintain a good customer service score

Social media channels like Twitter are now the most popular way for consumers to reach customer service. Keeping track of all the mentions and addressing them effectively can help you score well.
You show other social users that you value their feedback, along with satisfying the customer. When you analyze mentions, you can get ahead of any problems that may damage your brand’s reputation.
For example, if a customer complaint goes viral on Twitter can severely hurt your brand – by analyzing mentions, you can promptly address the issue.

Know your audience

Twitter mention analytics can also give you insight into your audience’s sentiments and opinions, both positive and negative. It can also help you learn what posts resonate best with your audience. You can use this data to optimize your marketing strategy and increase conversions and interest among customers.

Makes your audience feel valued

Interacting with your mentions shows that you care about your customers and that you appreciate their loyalty. It builds trust and helps grow your brand’s visibility.

5 Types of Twitter Mentions

The following are 5 types of mentions people can use to mention your brand:

Username Mention

Also known as “Twitter mentions”, username mentions are when the @ sign is followed by your Twitter handle. When someone mentions you with an ‘@’, they’re seeking your attention or they want a response from you. Tracking these tweets is easy, just make sure you’ve set your notification settings correctly.

Reply Mention

A ‘reply mention’ is an actual reply to another tweet, that uses the @username to communicate with someone or something on Twitter. It is similar to a username mention, with the only difference being that it is a reply rather than an initial tweet.

Organic Mention

Unprompted mentions of your brand, such as in a blog post or testimonial, in these cases, the @ symbol is not included. Usually, customers mention your brand when talking about it or sharing news articles or blogs about it.

Brand Mention

An mention of your brand’s or organization’s name on Twitter without your @username is known as a brand mention. Twitter doesn’t give notifications of these mentions, but some third-party apps do.

Hashtag Mention

Hashtag mentions are the last way users can mention your brand. With well-known brands having their own hashtags, tracking such mentions can be challenging, especially if people use variations of it. In this situation, hashtag analytics can be very useful for finding brands mentioned within hashtags. It helps you track tweets and conversations related to hashtags and keep tabs on new ones.

How to Access Analytics for Twitter Mentions

Now that you know the importance of analyzing Twitter mentions, let’s explore the 2 ways to access Twitter mention analytics:

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Twitter Analytics Dashboard does not support mention tracking, however, you can run it via the search box in two ways:

1.Twitter Mentions Notifications
In the web app, you can easily track Twitter mentions in your notification settings. This will alert you whenever someone mentions your @username in a tweet. Toggle on email notifications, new messages, DMs, etc.

2.Twitter Advanced Search
The Twitter advanced search is great for tracking mentions, keywords, and hashtags, and you can track your competitors’ social media as well. To us Twitter Advanced Search:

1.Enter your keyword in the search bar.
2.Select ‘Advanced search’ from the ‘Search Filters’ box in the upper-right corner of the Search Results page.
3.Configure your search preferences in the pop-up window

A variety of filtering options are available to help you access more specific results. Although manually searching for brand mentions can be tedious, it’s great free tool for emerging brands.

Third-Party Tools

The third-party tools make managing mentions easy, enabling you to monitor multiple accounts without missing a beat. They allow you to track mentions, keywords, analyze conversations about your brand, and track hashtags in real-time. They also give you access to analytical insights and detailed performance metrics.

How to Use Analytics for Twitter Mentions

With analytics, you can measure the impact of Twitter mentions and spot ways to improve brand engagement. Here are 4 ways analytics can help:

Gain Insights into Brand Perception and Reputation

A brand’s reputation requires years of dedication and hard work, and putting strategies in place can make the difference between success and failure. It isn’t bad to be trolled on Twitter, but if someone has a valid reason, it can be a problem. One negative tweet can quickly escalate if you aren’t watching your Twitter mentions closely.
To avoid crises, keep an eye on Twitter mentions and respond swiftly before they escalate. Monitoring metrics like mention count, sentiment analysis, and engagement rate can provide a wealth of information about your brand’s reputation and audience perception.

Identify Influencers and Partners

People buy from people, so identifying influencers who can share your niche product is an excellent way to increase your brand’s online visibility.
With real-time brand mention monitoring, you’ll discover which influencers are already talking about your brand and following your potential customers, making it easy to partner with them. You can also find influential people using keywords and hashtags in analytics.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer sentiment analysis helps you take advantage of mentions to their full potential. It gives you a clearer picture of your target audience’s tweets and opinions, and how they feel about your product.
Using mentions analytics, you can find specific opinions, such as customer feedback, to create top-quality posts that convert. An analytics tool with real-time alerts can serve as a safety net against negative mentions.

Measure the Impact of Twitter Campaigns

Through mention analytics, brands can analyze event success, identify errors, and improve future campaigns. By monitoring mentions over a certain time, you can understand how your marketing initiatives are reacting and adjust them accordingly. Positive mentions are usually a sign of a successful marketing campaign.
To stand out online and determine your campaign’s social impact, use a hashtag for your campaigns and track how your brand’s popularity evolves. Tracking metrics like impressions and hashtags can help make your marketing campaign successful. Whenever you run a campaign, include a CTA, like “post a pic and mention us.” Soon, people will be mentioning you.

Third-Party Analytics Tools for Twitter Mentions

Check out some of the best Twitter analytics tools, each offering unique features to help you analyze Twitter mentions.


SocialDog is a comprehensive monitoring tool for Twitter. It allows you to stay on top of mentions and keyword tracking whenever someone mentions you in a reply, retweet, or tweet. You can access all mentions from its intuitive dashboard by going to Inbox > Mentions.
Using keyword monitoring, you can automatically collect tweets that contain certain keywords you specify. Also, it can be used as a powerful hashtag tracking tool, providing a detailed overview of each hashtag’s performance, including its popularity and trend score.
SocialDog analyzes historical and new data, so you can determine how your followers interact with content all the time.
The tool also displays details about your followers’ backgrounds and interests, keeping you on top of their lives. Moreover, it gives you a detailed report on monitoring performance that can be exported as CSV.

Lite+: $12/month
Pro: $59/month
Business: $120/month

Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder helps you monitor hashtags, keywords, mentions, and URLs in real-time in Twitter analytics. In addition to defining and measuring your social media campaign’s overall impact, Tweet Binder lets you identify influencers for your brand.
You can examine historical and tweet data over any defined time span to see how a conversation has evolved over time. You can also measure the engagement and development of the Twitter profile with its follower tracking feature. Even though you get the best data, there is a learning curve and lots of dashboards, so it could be a bit confusing.

Starter: $229.99/month
Advanced: $999.99/month
Enterprise: Approx. $8000/month (contact for pricing)


Awario analyzes all instant mentions from across the web and social media for each new relevant mention of a brand. Every day, it crawls more than 13 billion pages. You can use it to find mentions of your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, forums, news sites, or anything publicly accessible.
With Awario’s analytics, you can analyze the growth in your mentions and their collective reach, sort them by positive, negative, or neutral sentiment, discover top influencers, analyze progress, and compare multiple alerts.

Starter: $39/month
Pro: $119/month
Enterprise: $399/month

Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides comprehensive social media analytics to all types of businesses on a wide range of platforms. The tool allows you to track hashtags, keywords, and URLs, identify trends, and analyze your competitors.
With the smart inbox feature, you can see the overall engagement stats. In addition, it helps brands implement effective social media tactics that increase interaction and conversions. A free trial period of 30 days is available for all users of Sprout Social.

Standard: $249/month
Professional: $399/month
Advanced: $499/month

Conclusion: Leverage Twitter Mentions Analytics with an All-in-one Twitter Tool

Analyzing and tracking Twitter mentions is a great way to improve your business. In just a few minutes, you can change how people perceive your company by analyzing mentions.
Mention analytics offer plenty of benefits, including maintaining your brand image, improving customer service, gaining valuable insights, and boosting brand awareness and visibility. Moreover, you can stand out from your competitors and be better than expected.
All-in-one Twitter analytics tools like SocialDog make it easy to do detailed research on your brand’s online presence and extract valuable information to help power it forward.

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