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Updates through January 2018

Update date: 2018/02/14
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  • User List screen is now faster than before
  • Redesigned Quick Start.


  • User List We have stopped displaying information from Twitter in the mute blocked state due to the low number of users.


  • RSS auto-posting bug that prevented the processing of RSS with items containing the same URLs from working properly has been fixed.


  • Fan You can no longer show users waiting for approval


  • We've redesigned the sidebar and header to make it easier to use.


  • Tweet Manager button alignment fixed for better use

Dec 28, 2017

  • Tweet Manager You can now re-post from your post history


  • Changed the name of the tweet manager "Posted content" to "Quick Tweets".


  • Tweet Manager You can now post to multiple accounts.


  • Tweet Manager "Posted Content" released for easy submission of content from RSS


  • Tweet Manager now supports tweets in 280 characters. The remaining characters are represented by the same circle as in the official Twitter version.


  • Tweet Manager The issue where the aspect ratio of an image was not displayed correctly has been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard "Top 3 Likes" was incorrectly displayed as "RT Top 3".
  • Tweet Manager Fixed to show images in post history. Improved stability.
  • Inbox now works faster.


  • NEW! Tweet Manager is a new feature that integrates reserved posts and stock tweets. Manage your tweets with more flexibility and convenience than ever before.
  • Follow-up consolidation Fixed unstable behavior.


  • Fixed an issue where the number of "Followers" was included in the "Followers" column in the Analytics (Acquisition of Followers).


  • Follow-up consolidation The display has been made faster and more stable


  • Fixed a problem where the follow organizer icons did not display properly in some browsers.

Nov 29, 2017

  • User List The next user in the list would not be loaded, and the page would continue to load.
  • Card Payment Prepaid cards and debit cards can be used for payment.

Nov 28, 2017

  • New JCB Payment You can now use your JCB card when paying by card (only in Japanese yen)

Nov 21, 2017

  • Time zone settings, fixed the problem of not being able to set a specific time zone.

Nov 15, 2017

  • New Slack Notifications You can now receive notifications in Slack for the Daily Report, new Tweets from the Keyword Monitor, and Mentions. You can set this up in Settings > Slack Notifications.

Nov 13, 2017

  • Dashboard Fixed a bug that prevented it from being displayed under certain conditions and made error messages clearer when no data was available.
  • Renewal of the help page: More links to the help page

Nov 8, 2017

  • Posting Stock Fixed a problem with images being displayed too large when added.
  • Dashboard Follower count, etc. has been modified to show the latest value in real time instead of the latest value in the graph.

Nov 6, 2017

  • Keyword Monitor Resolves an issue where emails are sometimes not sent
  • New Supporting US Dollar Settlement


  • Analysis > Followback Rate Fixed a bug that caused some users to display incorrectly
  • Shortcut keys, Thanks DM, and Thanks Tweet functions no longer supported


  • New Time zone change is supported