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July 2020 Update.

Update date: 2020/07/29
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  • Tweet > Tweet History

    • The style of the button is made clearer and closer to Twitter
  • Follow Management > Filter

    • Tooltips displayed in the filter have been moved to a less obtrusive location.


  • Tweet > Posting Schedule

    • Clarify the error message when tweeting the exact same text
    • Even for users with a large number of followers, the number of posts is now displayed next to the "List of Scheduled Posts" and "Drafts" in the sidebar.
  • Tweet > Tweet History

    • A blue mark is now displayed in the upper right corner of the filter only when the filter is set.
  • Follow management > Filters.

    • Removed unnecessary white space at the bottom of the "Filters" tab
  • Follow Management > User Details

    • Adjusted the color of the label.


  • dashboard

    • The number of followers is now displayed as a real number instead of an approximate number like "40,000".
  • Tweet > Tweet History

    • In the upper right filter, the display of the radio button has been changed from ✔ to ●.
  • organizing a follow-up

    • Changed to open 'User details' when tapping on a user
    • Apply" button now appears even when all filters are deleted.
  • Tweet Analysis

    • The result is now displayed every other day.
  • Cancellation.