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June 2020 Update.

Update date: 2020/07/07
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  • Dashboard and Analysis

    • Issue where more than actual number of followers, new followers, new unfollowers, and unfollowers would be displayed in rare cases when a new follow, new follower, new unfollow, or unfollow failed to be acquired has been fixed.
    • Corrected data that seemed to have been obtained incorrectly in the past
  • Tweet > Posting History

    • Videos now have an icon to show that they are videos
  • follow-up organizing

    • Slightly modified the layout.
  • whole

    • No more line breaks in the middle of English words


  • Tweet > Posting History

    • To make it easier to understand and use, we've removed the tabular display and made the layout more like Twitter.
  • follow-up organizing

    • We have redesigned our header.
  • tutorial

    • Problem with message display shifting position fixed.


  • Tweet > Posting History

    • Images and videos have been corrected to be easier to view
  • Tweets > Automatic RSS Feed

    • The design has been renewed.
  • follow-up organizing

    • The design has been renewed.
  • analysis

    • Fixed the problem where the date on the horizontal axis of a line graph was not visible.
    • The style of the report screen has been adjusted so that it can be easily viewed on smartphones.


  • Tweet > Posting Schedule

    • Fixed an issue where the + button for adding a thread could not be displayed in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue where "Add to Bookings" from a modal screen in "Inbox" or other modal settings would not always add the item to the appropriate slot.
  • follow-up organizing

    • Fixed the problem where the "Date tweeted" filter would not take into account the time zone in the count view and CSV download.
  • inbox

    • You can now filter by the date and time of the tweet.
    • Keywords in the keyword monitor are now highlighted (in bold)
  • Slack notifications

    • You can now receive email notifications even if they are turned off
  • whole

    • Renewal of the design with a focus on the settings screen
    • The message displayed on the screen has been made clearer.


  • Tweet > Posting Schedule

    • Fixed an issue where a user could not post with control characters
  • follow-up organizing

    • Improved the filter to be easier to use, e.g. making it red when there is an error
    • Resolved the issue where the timeline would sometimes not appear on the user details tab
  • Slack Notification Settings

    • The design has been renewed.
  • whole

    • Expanded the clickable area of the top right menu button to make it easier to click