May 2020 Update.

Update date: 2020/07/07
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  • dashboard

    • Replies, RTs and Likes are now displayed in the order of "Reply", "RT" and "Like" along with Twitter
  • Tweet > Posting Schedule

    • Fixed the problem where URLs are incorrectly displayed in the preview
    • The number of posts displayed in the sidebar now does not include posts whose posting date has passed
  • Tweet > Bulk booking

    • You can now register without seconds.
  • Account Settings

    • The design has been renewed.

May 18, 2020

  • dashboard

    • Graph horizontal axis labels no longer display leading zeros for dates.
    • The width of the vertical axis of a graph is now narrowed if the digit is too large.
    • Deleted postings are no longer shown
  • Tweet > Drafts

    • Input contents are now saved in the browser for a certain period of time
  • Tweet > Reserved Space

    • You can now easily enter the time of day in the "Add Reservation Slot" screen
    • Fixed the issue where opening the add screen in IE would cause an error.
  • Tweets > Quick Tweets

    • Changed the "Tweet Now" button to "Tweet" and adjusted the style
  • organizing a follow-up

    • The design has been renewed.
    • Fixed an issue where "Location" and "Description" in the filter "Location" and "Description" did not work properly.
    • When clicking "Hide" on a PC, the following users are now in focus
  • Analysis > Report

    • Fixed problem where the 'Display items' pull-down in a table would be cut off
  • Plans/Payment

    • The design has been renewed.
    • Free trial period is now easier to check
  • whole

    • After clicking the button, the loading process is now displayed.
    • Tooltip of the "Refresh" button in the sidebar has been fixed.
    • Modals closed on browser's "back" action.
  • login

    • Fixed the bug that prevented users from logging in and registering on Twitter when there was an invited user
  • Email (Daily Report)

    • Dark mode is now available for icon images.
    • Changed the display of Gmail for Android to be consistent in English.
  • Email (Keyword Monitor)

    • You can now turn on/off email notifications for each keyword.
  • Slack notifications

    • keyword monitor notifications no longer show the same tweet twice
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